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How to Use Free Bets on Cricket

Cricket is a hugely popular sport not only for people tuning in to watch, but also for gambling on. Many people place bets on games that take place, from domestic games to internationals, from T20 quickfire cricket all the way up to five-day battles.

It is the diversity of cricket on offer that makes this sport so appealing to many, and it is also why it offers a wide range of options for those looking to place a bet.

The betting industry is hugely competitive, and to attract new customers the bookies have to offer free bets as an incentive. With many of these you receive a free bet of the same amount as your deposit or stake of your first bet.

This allows new players to get off to a good start, but where should you use these free bets? Here are three options for new players.

A Simple Bet on the Win Market

If you are brand new to betting then the early stages are all about building up confidence and putting a run of wins together. Don’t jump in and try to do too much early, the complex bets can come in the future, for now keep things simple.

If you are looking to place bets, make sure you keep up to date with the latest series news as player injuries could have a big impact on the result.

When you have considered the options available, go with a selection you like and place your bet. You don’t have anything else to worry about when doing this, just sit back and watch your team hopefully win the game to land you a winning bet.

Back Your Favourite Player to be the Top Scorer

We all have our favourite players in world cricket and regardless of the format you are betting on, you can back your favourite to have individual success by being either the top scorer for the team or in the overall game.

These are all based on first innings scores if betting on first class cricket, and they offer you a different way to bet which doesn’t require you to even think about who you think will win the game.

So, if you are a big fan of a player such as Australian Steve Smith, you can back him to top score for his team, or be the top scorer in the game for both teams if you are feeling extra confident.

This isn’t too complicated, and can offer a fun alternative to betting on the outcome of a game if you are looking for that.

Try Your Luck Betting In Play

It is fair to say that betting in play has really transformed the betting industry in particular over the past decade. Punters are no longer forced to place their bets before a game starts, they can now bet during play.

Cricket is a popular sport for this, in all formats of the game, and spending free bets on the in play markets is something that you can do with your bookmaker.

Whether you are betting on the short and fast T20 game, where prices can change almost every ball or you are betting on five-day games at the end of the first or second day of play, there is something to get you entertained.

A bet at the right time on the in play markets can give you a great deal and a price at just the right time, as well as potentially giving you a winning bet, which is the draw for so many people

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