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T2M2 Draft

aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
It could be run like Aussie Tragic's ATVG draft. No draft orders, must wait at least 24 hours before each pick. That was really easy to follow in a big draft and moved quickly.
Haha, it was actually Shri's draft, he just quit half way through. Shri's idea to have a 24 hour pick from each persons last pick was brilliant though. Picks were staggered depending on best time of the day for them to pick and so all you had to do was log on at the same time each day.

It also meant that even though there are 18 drafters, picks are all done in 24 hours, whereas even with only 4/8 hours between picks it could take up to 3/6 days (72/144 hours) to compete a round
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International Coach
I remember the days when you had 24 h to pick and the big fuss people made with the change to 12 h picks. I understand with a big draft it can be frustrating, but still. Personally, I am in no way bothered because I have no life and am on CW all the time.

Line and Length

State Captain
Unless someone wants to convince me otherwise we will switch to having 2 ppl on the clock at all times from R2, in order to speed it up but still maintain the match tally as a factor in who to prioritise for your pick.
A wise decision that should satisfy those concerned about speed. The match tally decision retains the integrity of your draft.


U19 Captain
@Teuton > @mr_mister

And then if not mistaken after mr_mister's pick there will be 2 people on the clock - to confirm this won't apply to last pick in each round? (As orders for future rounds could be influenced by that final pick in any round.)

Stephen ZA > kingkallis > AndrewB the first 3 picks for Round 2 as things stand (although subject to Teuton and mr_mister's first round picks) if I'm not mistaken.