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Line and Length

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  • We both have 4,987 posts.
    No worries mate, all good. I misunderstood your comments I think. Thanks for your contributions too, you're an excellent new member of the forum.
    Mate, can I pick now in the Ashes Draft? Looks like ataraxia timed out but need your confirmation.
    sorry mate is it possible to move the middle-order batsmen from pujara to chanderpaul up by 1 notch each, and drop gibbs to number 7?
    I don't want to create unnecessary conflict so I'll happily defer to your ruling but that's not actually how that's pronounced, haha.
    hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Hi L&L, I know others have said so already in various threads but I just wanted to say again what a great addition to the forum you've been! Sadly a lot of people join up basically to troll (although they tend to subsequently get banned!) so it's always lovely when someone nice who genuinely loves their cricket turns up :)
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