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T2M2 Draft


International Captain
For this Total Test Matches Mix Draft, you can are only able to pick 1 player from each band of:
1-9 tests
100+ tests

Order in R1 will be somewhat randomised (anyone who has never won a draft can pick first, so let me know if you have won none, one, or some).
Order in subsequent rounds will be from highest total games count to lowest (but still in set rounds).
No Bradman.

Should be pretty straightforward.

Post if you want in


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Hall of Fame Member
One way to remove first round advantage can be to have 2nd round reverse of 1st, and then have orders based on count of games to kick in from 3rd round.

I'm in.


International Captain
Awesome, that's 10 already. No reason why there can't fit more so I will leave it open and kick it off tomorrow morning my time (am busy for the next few hrs)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah my question too. I think I have only won drafts jointly. 3 times I think.
Yeah 3 for me too then. Vaguely recall a 4th tie but could be wrong as I don't remember the name. Guess that falls under some anyway


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
You guys have spreadsheets to rank your picks and run different scenarios but can't remember how many drafts you've won :laugh: