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  • Sorry I didn't see this message til now but you picked him anyway so all good.
    I had never seen them do it before this World Cup (usually Tahuhu and Huddleston), but they did it in every game this tournament, so I don't think it was specific to India.
    This draft is a bit confusing for me.. So because AZH didn't answer, I get a randomized pick, correct?
    nah i'm not interested sorry

    expecting morkel to be used in the home tests and odis early in the year in four pronged pace attacks tbf
    ahahahahahaha yeah that's fair, am hoping that morkel plays in the first half of the year when steyn's out and can make a smooth swap when dale returns

    in regards to the others i'll admit i've put my eggs in the first XI basket, shame about the de kock no trade
    i'd like to know these passengers in my side mr "chris morris in the prime bowlers"
    what would it take for you to part wit lil quint?
    Hey! Completely missed this message. Apologies.

    How about this, Rahane for Bavuma + you can have Voges for Perera. Would be a fun deal. Aus play 10 tests to SL's 5 :) Voges gets you double the points Perera would have made. Plus SA and India play roughly the same number of tests.

    How about it?
    Yeah, I definitely understand your concerns since I have them too :D

    Can't do that trade since Amla plays so many more games than Khawaja (because of ODIs), that the other exchange would have to be a good offer (hence the Abbott <> Philander offer to begin with).

    Cheers :)
    Spofforth would be the best choice - but you've only got 94 runs to spend and still two batting spots to fill. You have to go budget with your bowlers.
    Colin Croft at 33 runs has to be a bargain. Subhash Gupte at 21 runs is another bargain.

    Lindwall at No.7 is too high I reckon, but your budget seems low so he might have to stay there.

    1. Trevor Goddard
    3. IVA Richards
    4. Allan Border (C)
    6. Adam Gilchrist (Wk)
    7. Ray Lindwall
    9. Dale Steyn
    10. Colin Croft
    11. Subhash Gupte
    Hey Anil, I want to change my 10th round pick from Mohammad Shahzad to Gary Gilmour. I know it's generally not allowed. But I picked Shahzad with the understanding that I could be placed last in the 11th round, and might not get a good keeper (since most people are picking keepers in Round XI). Now that the last round format has changed (which happened after my pick), there seems to be little risk of that happening.
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