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  • just so you know bro i changed my pick from Anwar to S Waugh right before you chose Gayle - if you happened to want Anwar. Feel bad if you did
    Yeah, the worst is the stigma attached to this virus. I just hope and pray some medicine is found soon as really, that is the only way we can really recover from this.
    Are things better now? I saw some projections that indicate Gujarat, Maharashtra and TN should be getting better in the next couple of weeks or so as we have apparently already hit our peaks. And Delhi, I guess.
    Wow... really sorry about your family man. My condolences. Its scary everywhere with our population density but I can imagine why a merchant town like Surat will be so badly affected. People just won't stop trying to make money in India, irrespective of the situation.
    That is just stupid. Every Indian is an Indian. Its too bad we have gone to such levels that kids are asking such questions. :( TBF, this is exactly what the British Indian rulers wanted us to be like and I guess we have finally reached there. :(
    There was a very simple rule we were taught as kids in school. Do not talk ill of other religions, communities, cities, states and even countries. Its like let them handle their mess and you handle yours, coz we all got ours. With social media and even here on CW if you care to look at the OT forums, everyone just likes talking and making points for popularity contests. Its like actually trying to pull urself away from unnecessary arguments and discussions make you a bad person, or that is how folks have you think today. So everybody gets to opine on everything coz of course, if you have read the wikipedia page, you are an expert on it. :)
    Don't beat yourself up about the Gujju thing mate. Its literally the same across India. You are just seeing the issue in your state and assuming its like that everywhere. Remember when our current Maharashtra CM mentioned no non-Marathi should be able to live in Maharashtra? My entire state is literally the worst at assuming we are greater than everyone else coz we speak one of the most ancient written languages ever. And we got groups who work for religions which had no roots in India trying to tell rip us apart saying the North Indians have falsely indoctrinated us on our religion. Its just a shame what people will do to serve their own agendas and politics. And our entire country, and in fact the entire world today, is easy meat for regionalistic, communalistic, nationalistic dick waving with zero substance.
    The very least is that the respective state Governments could have used the very many Government schools and colleges as temporary shelters for these folks but the kind of corruption our entire country and its political system is seeped in, I am not surprised it was left to good people like you and your folks to take care of these people and their needs.
    Wow, that sucks man. But see the thing is, no matter how much you plan, you cannot avoid panic reactions in a country as big as India when you try to impose something as restricting as a lockdown. I am starting to feel more and more that while there are sufferings for many at the ground level, it would have been an epic tragedy had we not acted the way we did, the we including all central and state Governments. But I understand where you are coming from. We have a similar situation here but we managed to find shelter for about 150 of them in a nearby college here in a partnership effort between the state government and a NGO. I think this stuff is really bad in all of our big cities which are so dependent on cheap migrant labor.
    I'll try to make it simpler. You need to fit KP, Hayden and Symonds into 03 07 and 11

    So RTD being only 07/11 can't fit
    So I think RTD can only be picked for 2011. But youl be forced to make KP 2011 as he can't be 2007 as that has to be Hayden or Symonds, who both are only eligible for 03/07
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