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  • **special Offer**

    Tell me to do a Poem, i'll do it just to convince you.

    Thank you

    its a Secial Offer For You...
    hope You Understand...
    He got an infraction for that post; he wasn't 'allowed to' do it at all.

    The reason your post was removed and his was not was because I'd deliberately given an instruction above. When a mod tells people to cut it out in order to end rubbish from a thread and then someone carries on, it's always removed to avoid it carrying on even further beyond that. That's the policy. When someone posts something like Dawood did then it just gets an infraction.
    Because I have no interest in reading watson drone on about religion so don't ****ing encourage him.
    hi will you play if i postpone the draft by one more day (48 hours total)? i'm happy to reschedule but don't want to lose drafters at this stage. it's been very hard to get 10 drafters. when bagapath left, it was very difficult to get a replacement. and as you know, the design won't work for 9 drafters.
    Hey mate,

    Would you have any objection to us putting "Formerly Known as Monk" in your custom title area (see where it says "International Vice-Captain" now.. and mine says "Global Moderator").. just for a few weeks, until everyone got used to your name change?

    It wouldn't be permanent; just to help the transition along really.
    Question for ajdude if you end up doing the interview Qs:
    "A zinger pie and zinger burger get into a fight in a dark alleyway; who wins?"
    If Bradman doesn't get picked during rounds 1 to 8 then is he 100% guaranteed to be picked during rounds 9 to 11 as the penalty will be either minimal or non-existent. What to do?
    I think that R11 is all done. Would you like me to post the voting thread if Bagapath is not around?
    thanks for offering to run the draft monk. i can check messages in between my work but cant really spend too much time. so i am happy to let you take over.

    for round 10 just reverse the order of round 9. the condition: select a middle order batsman who scored more than 2000 runs batting at 5 or 6 against non minnows averaging above 40.

    round 11 order should be randomised. condition: select the last player that completes your team. if he is a batsman he should have scored more than 2000 runs against non minnows @40+ avg or @30+ avg if he is from pre WW2 days. if he is a bowler he should have taken 100+ wickets against non minnows (75+ if pre WW2 days) averaging under 32. if you are taking an allrounder he should have taken at least 75 wickets and his bowling avg should not be more than 5 runs above his batting avg. if he is a wicket keeper he should have effected at least 75 dismissals as keeper.
    You can go now :) Two picks for 2nd and 3rd rounds, and I have just opened the fourth round as well!
    Hey mate I will not be able to participate in the draft further because of work and upcoming travel. Do you want me to ask for a replacement?
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