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  • Yo, i edited your post in the thread to remove my quote because srb wanted to use it later. :)
    oh yeah i said i would post links so. mind, i'm not sure what level you want to start at, remember that i have observed this movement rise while being acutely aware they hate people like me so i might assume a lot of knowledge you don't have.

    https:// medium.com / @amydyess83 / prodigal-butch-7f0d2e00f693 (if the link doesn't work search Medium for Prodigal Butch) - this is long from a survivor of the TERF cult. but it's really useful, because it documents how the main terf players are really more like a recruitment cult; masquerading as "real feminists" with "real concerns" but their actual lobbying actions are harming the lives of trans people while failing to do anything positive for gay women
    https:// medium.com / @completelykaty / addressing-the-claims-in-jk-rowlings-justification-for-transphobia-7b6f761e8f8f - this does a fisking (point-by-point rebuttal) of most of the ideas in JKR's defence post.
    Thanks for the excuse, if a bit late. :p It's nothing I haven't heard before but the constant background radiation of the debate is very frustrating.
    weldone, the poster had already been warned for the post you reported FTR.
    Ftr the article you posted was fine.

    I was talking about the ‘the anti-semitism in the Labour Party is a hoax’ talking point not anti-semitism in general.

    My message was a friendly warning and I don’t want to debate the issue with you.

    Hey weldone,

    Whether you believe that the anti-semitism accusations against Corbyn are accurate or not, that line of posting as a non-jewish person is clearly out of bounds within CW and further posting on those lines will only inflame the thread and will lead to a further ban.

    I say this as someone who doesn't want you to get a lengthy ban, just avoid the specific issue of anti-semitism all together.
    Haha no I was double checking my decision. Very tempted by another option but Flintoff is right for my team.
    Ah, I just told it to keep looking for new batsmen until it finds a batsman called extras, then stop. If you look at how the cricinfo scorecards work, whether it's only three batsmen in an innings or 4000 it should work perfectly.
    Yeah it still works fine. I have a domestic version and had to fix it when it first happened in NZ domestic cricket a couple of years back.
    Ultimately against because taxation is theft, but libertarians are divided over whether it'd be an improvement over the status quo discretionary government spending on welfare, public services etc. Framed in a certain way as a replacement for those things rather supplementing them, the size of government could remain more or less the same but the scope of it would decrease, which libertarians would tend to see as an improvement. The internal debate is over whether it actually would be framed in that way in reality.
    If you don't like baseball you aren't seeing its complexity.

    Cricketers adjust to varying defenses and to situations involving who is bowling, the score vs remaining overs, but baseball has that plus dealing with one or more runners on base, rules and strategies that apply part time, payoff pitches in which something has to give, sacrifices, anticipating substitutions, wear and tear, today vs tomorrow, double plays etc that make every pitch a different struggle.

    Meanwhile, I'm thinking that there really isn't much difference in the approach and tactics of batsmen or bowlers when there are two vs three vs five outs, but precise situations are always uppermost in baseball players' minds.

    I'm teaching baseball to a West Indian ancestry neighbor, and he was flabbergasted by how many things were swirling at once during the game and how many moving parts and considerations there were. Small sample size, yes, surprising, no.
    Hi mate, just looking to finish up the MysteryBox draft when you get a chance!

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