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  • hey baggers, nice to hear from you. Indeed, things going fine at the western front. Glad to have Imran captaining Pakistan again. You tell, how things are going at your end.
    Hi, do you have an extra copy of the premier tickets given for the movie? Would love to add to my collection.
    Movie s getting great reviews. But I expected mroe dirt on Chappell and the seemingly cold relationship that seems exist between Dravid and Ganguly/Sachin now.. Guess that is a storyI ll never get to know the truth about and that is bugging. :p
    Yes Sir Bagapath, Thank you for the advice, I will never leave playing, watching, understanding and learning cricket. You gave to me a good advice......., I am glad at you to be a part of cricketweb, I love the way you reply to my posts.

    I am sorry I couldn't reply before but here I answer you.

    I think I have explained before how tendulker can "function" well as opener.

    Don Bradman is not the greatest batsman of all time (My opinion changed) and Ponting is the best batsman and best number 3. Sobers was just a "hack with the bat". Lara- I like Lara.

    Can you please post your XI so that I may counter it?

    BTW thanks for the advice.

    I will ask Narendra Modi to concentrate on your town.

    --The Same thing I posted on "best Player" thread
    Hey man, not too much, I hang around in OT part of the site more. What's happening?
    I like your team Bagapath, but Rhodes hardly ever batted higher than number 8 when he was bowling regularly. So you either has him as an opening batsman or a lower order bowler as he never combined his batting and bowling skills like a true allrounder. The No.6 spot for Rhodes is all wrong.
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