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  • Hi Monk. Do you know what the deal is with the lack of voting in the All Formats voting thread? Is there a kind of protest (understandable) against Howe's voting rules perhaps?
    Hi Monk. I wasn't thinking about anyone inparticualr when I made the comment re Bradman because I can't even remember who bought-up the topic about dodgy wickets in the first place. It was just a throw away comment which I kind of thought was relevant to the thread.

    Anyway, it's pretty much impossible to offend me in any way, shape, or form on the internet because it's not real life. I don't read too much into peoples intent or character because they might be having a really really bad day for all I know.
    Well I'm finally home after a great day out. Looks like Kyear forgot to check out the All Format Draft thread because he was busy defending Sobers against that pesky Ponting. Thanks anyway! Hope you had a pleasant ANZAC Day. Cheers - watson/Sheldon
    Hi Monk. I'm heading off to the horse rsces soon. So can you please pick MARK WAUGH for me after Kyear and Ohnoitsyou have cosen their players. Cheers, Watson/Sheldon
    In certain circumstances, yes. James generally isn't too keen to do it for the sake of it, but if you have a reason he's more than willing to (as I'm sure you're aware from my name change :p)

    Send the moderators an email (moderators@cricketweb.net) so we have it on record, and I suspect it will be swapped over for you
    I really can't remember back that far Monk, but i have a feeling that I joined just before you. Jager, if you remember him, definitely arrived just before me. So if you predate Jager then you predate me.
    Thanks for the BAZINGA. Scary thing is, I even look like the other Sheldon, and carry-on like him in nerdy kind of way too.
    Hi Monk. I've included you in 'The Best of Each Decade Birthday Draft' if that's OK. You're third in Round 1. We've started.

    Cheers - watson/Sheldon
    Yea, beginning ti see him as the better option myself. Probably better bowler, good enough batsman and not a liability in the field.
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