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Recent content by Red

  1. Red

    The Most Entertaining Pace Bowler to Watch

    Lillee was before my time but there’s a ton of footage Ambrose was amazing Alderman in England
  2. Red

    Best knock by a tailender?

    Saw Dizzy talking about it and saying he was mentally noting all the noted batsman’s highest scores he was passing on his way to 200. “MWaugh at 140 something, tick”. Funny stuff
  3. Red

    What is your ranking of all Country's ATG XIs?

    I always felt Hussey was a better batsman than Hayden and Langer, and if he’d played his entire career as an opener (he should’ve also debuted a few years before he did) he’d be in Aus ATG XI as an opener easily
  4. Red

    its time to end the review system of umpiring

    It’s simple to fix. Umpires umpire and players ask for a review. As many as they like. If a batsman is given out and asks for a review, and he’s incorrect, he (and the team) are penalised an an amount of runs. Let’s say 12. If a bowler disagrees with an umpire’s call, and asks for a review...
  5. Red

    What is your ranking of all Country's ATG XIs?

    How does S.Pollock improve the top six or give more bowling options? In this exercise either him or Procter bat at eight and are the third quick.
  6. Red

    What is your ranking of all Country's ATG XIs?

    Had a bit of a spaz moment leaving Steyn out. So much flexibility here as S.Pollock could replace Faulkner if two spinners aren’t needed, but as it is it has three elite quicks, two spinners AND Kallis. Faulkner could also be replaced by another specialist bat and the team would still have 5...
  7. Red

    What is your ranking of all Country's ATG XIs?

    My fave XI is SA. They’d rattle teams Smith Richards Kallis G.Pollock Nourse DeVillers Faulkner S.Pollock Procter Tayfield Donald
  8. Red

    What is your ranking of all Country's ATG XIs?

    Lawry Simpson Bradman Chappell Smith Miller/Border Gilchrist + Lindwall/OReilly Warne Lillee McGrath Greenidge Worrell Richards Lara Weekes Sobers Walcott + Marshall Gibbs/Holding Garner Ambrose Hutton Hobbs Hammond Root Compton Botham Knott Trueman Bedser Underwood Statham
  9. Red

    Who is Australia's Greatest Captain?

    Woodfull Simpson Bradman Chappell Ponting Border Gilchrist Noble Benaud Lindwall Cummins
  10. Red

    Who is Australia's Greatest Captain?

    Benaud- was innovative and well before his time Taylor- tactical genius Woodfull- so dignified, refused to sully the game by using the tactics Eng used against us. Remarkably well respected by all Chappell- union leader and gang boss.
  11. Red

    Interesting bits of cricket history/facts/stats/trivia that you find

    A mid century Indian and an early era Aussie
  12. Red

    Better Test bowler: Anderson vs Willis.

    Both seem grumpy