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  • Clarify immediately the intent and meaning behind this post:

    "Oh I am not as good as einstein I am just a troll!!
    My IQ is less than 100 I have stolen all the stuff from other. And OP is absolutely false, I am not an asperger"

    Is the above sarcastic or not?
    Hey Dawood.

    So glad to see you back.

    I know of another website where you could join and contribute a lot.

    Google Cricsim dot com.

    The conversations there are of a higher intellectual level than on CW. Do register, create a player, sign up with a team, and feel free to join in all the discussions on the site. I think you would really enjoy it.
    Hey Dawood, r u leaving cricketweb? I think you should continu posting, your posts are pretty good.
    If you no longer wish to post on here, then the simple solution is to not log on (and especially not to create threads about not wanting to post).
    Maxwell is the most unique cricketer ever, I guess he will become the best once he is experienced. He will also break the record of most runs in an ODI by a batsman.
    I think AB De Villiers is the best batsmen on the planet right now after Glenn Maxwell. Both can single handedly win games.
    Dawood, I do not appreciate you utilising my intellectual property without express permission, and as such I request that you would immediately remove my poem from your signature.
    Dan is more eloquent.

    I've reached the stage where I know longer laugh at things, despite acknowledging they are funny. Mere nod of the head.
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