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  • Hey Welcome back mate. Missed reading your posts since they were always of a high quality. That's why I made a thread asking where you were. I guess your fav is Philander now. :p
    Gun. Thought you had left like VCS.

    Always enjoy reading your posts, even if i disagree with you on some things. Sooner you find time and come back, the better.:)
    But he hasn't said anything like that. He's said that India has a shared history with Australia and men from both nations fought alongside each other during the War. This is a fact. It is also a fact that Australian and New Zealand participation in WW1 was also implied rather than voluntary due to their status as part of the Empire too and whilst there weren't secessionist movements in Aus/NZ in the same way as in India, I think this only goes to highlight the solidarity that Dravid was really talking about. Let's not forget also that the ANZACs were sold down the river during WW1 by the British War Office/Winston Churchill at Gallipoli and this is hardly a shining beacon for Australia either.
    OK mate, I'll look around at home during the Christmas holiday (currently at uni). Hopefully they are still in the shed, haven't looked for over a year, lol
    Your Waqar-blunder almost compensated for by your posting in the 'hottest women' thread. Almost. :p
    Yeah, the initial reason was them wanting to play the IPL despite their board having some objection to it, though they ultimately gave them clearances. But now it has become more of a EGO battle between both the sides, with WICB being rigid too.
    Also it is somewhat of a proxy continuation of the pay/sponsorship disputes they had a while back between the players association and the board with some players being at the forefront. I think also the dispute with Taylor was resolved and he is injured right now, and don't think there was any major problems with Bravo who is also Injured.
    It is only Gayle who has been involved in the most public of bust ups with the board and with the statements which have been made, there will need to be swallowing of some pride on both sides to reach a conclusion with the player body involved as well.
    It's not an infraction as such - there's no points towards a ban or anything, just a request really to try and not use that language. Probably could have done it via these VMs, really. Acknowledging it is nice, but you don't really have to do anything like that, just try to avoid doing it again.
    Should find out any day now, I have some BIG uploads planned, including a KILLER 80's WI video, that has taken me weeks to compile. Insane viewing.
    SLCricket.com is the best we have.

    But there are a lot of videos still with SLRC which is not open to public. Those include Ravi ratnayake's 8/83 vs Pakistan, Warnaweera fooling Gatting and Kambli with ? doosras etc. WI vs SL series is one of another where enough videos are not available
    No Fayzann can't retract his claim as his channel got terminated, and you can only retract the claim from the original channel, so he can't do it, hence i had to file a counter claim which legally i have no right too, i could get into serious legal trouble. I should find out on thursday.
    When you said he has taken 300+ wickets, it could only be him considering the way umpire is squatting :D
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