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  • Yeah no worries mate. You wouldn't actually need to do anything other than sign up FTR and you'd probably enjoy the subforum.
    Okay well prince EWS has a site, you've probably seen OT referenced, CricSim - Powered by vBulletin

    It's full of **** ****s but is full of awesome simming games. We are after signing you up for our Rugby side, which consists purely of CWers and comes with its own subforum where only team members can post. As one of our members says, think of it as CW bonus content.

    And theres the cricket side where I imagine a few sides would try signing you up but I know they are also trying to build an Ireland side.

    Have a look round anyway and if you're interested in joining the rugby side, let me know and I'll get one f the guys to send you the necessary details

    No worries if it doesn't sound like your thing btw so sorry if it sounds like I'm pressuring you

    I have been given a mission. Let me ask you a couple of questions
    1. Do you Like Rugby Union?
    2. Do you like simming competitions?
    Was just wondering, tried to find it on TV this morning, wasn't sure if it was on some obscure sports channel.
    With ref. to this comment.

    If you don't mind uploading pics, I'd like to have a look at their condition. Assuming you live in the UK, I'd even pay for shipping charges across the North Sea if I decide to buy them. Lemme know, man. Cheers!
    I don't see why not, I've posted the new name in the mod forum, once someone with the power to change it sees it it should get done. If you have any problems getting back on you can get us at moderators@cricketweb.net :)
    Hey mate. do you want to sign up for Ireland in PEWS' World Cup sim? He's signed you up anyway but ti'd be good to have you involved.
    Was worried by your apparent lack of reply haha! Had thought I'd either been ignored (:p) or actually forgot to send the VM, turns out neither! :)

    But good stuff mate, like reading what you have to say :)
    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
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