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  • You're a beast, mate. Doing god's work, as they say.

    Your cricket clips help make my life of a workaday drone more bearable, so cheers to you on that. :)
    I'm glad you are enjoying them!

    Funny, i didnt even know this message area existed...i have heaps of messages i've never replied to! I only just got a notification 2 mins ago.
    I hope you see this message. I asked you this several times. I pray you get some time to fulfill my request.
    Could you please do a ball by ball of Brett Lee to Sachin Tendulkar in 2003 World Cup League Match?
    Please, man. It is the league match, not the Finals. Lee was bowling really quick. And he really troubled
    all the Indian batsmen including Tendulkar. I remember one incident where a superfast bouncer of Lee hit
    Tendulkar on the shoulder or on the head, and Tendulkar just stood his ground nonchalantly and glared back
    at Lee.
    It was a phenomenal moment.
    That's great to hear! Hope you're doing the present SA/Eng Test? I'm going to be in the SABC studios from tomorrow, helping out with the radio coverage. Would be a weight off my mind to know that someone had my back. :-)
    Hi, Robelinda. I've been sounding out this forum on the idea of undertaking a project to curate and preserve footage of old Test Matches. See the "Cricket Books" thread.

    Was advised to sound you out on this.
    Love your youtube videos Rob. You're doing the great game a great service, acquainting younger people with its history & possibly even spreading the game's influence to people in countries outside of cricket's traditional areas. Great stuff!
    Hello Rob im trying to get footage of the 1977/78 packer super tests ie white motorcycle helmet era on dvd i know some is on you tube but im old school and would like to get a dvd of some of the supertests of this era have 1975 1977 1981 and1985 and some 1989 and 1993 eng v aus half hour bbc highlight shows and 1976 1984 1995 eng v wi bbc highlight plus 1975 1979 world cup highlights shows to swap if you dont have or willing to pay for some dvds i realize youre probably inundated with requests but if you can help my contactl is richarddotdelhantyatntlworld.com many thanks rich
    Hey Rob, I was wondering if you had any footage of Bracken's 7/4 from this match. I swear I once saw a few highlights of it somewhere so I figured it might've been televised or at least summarised somewhere, so just wondering since there's nowhere near enough Nathan Bracken on Youtube. Cheers!
    Sad to hear your no longer going to be uploading videos on Youtube they were one of the things that got me into cricket so thank you for that.
    Hey Rob, I've been asked by my cricket club to create a video for our presentation night, and just wanted to ask if it was fine by you if I was to download and use some of your YouTube footage.

    Additionally, I was wondering if you had any video of this T20 from 2008.
    If you did, it would be awesome.

    Ind33d, and instead of having a shoe phone to save you, your only chance is to upload bulk Cheeqs videos.
    Hi Rob,

    Not sure if you were aware of this.

    “You ****ing racist Australians pigs” and other YouTube excursions | Cogito Ergo Something

    Keep up the great work!

    Hey Rob, don't happen to have any footage of Wasim Raja bowling, do you?
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