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  • Hey man, I've just started a SL domestic thread over in CC


    Being a Sri Lankan fan here kinda sucks, because there aren't too many, but I'm hoping with this thread I might start a bit of discussion. So, if you want to talk about SL cricket, particularly domestic cricket and the stuff that goes on below international matches more regularly then that thread exists. Not pressuring you to post all the time or anything but just letting you know that there is at least one person around here wanting to talk SL cricket if you're interested
    thanks dude....I am not looking for surfing beaches at all so I will be very happy I suppose. I am looking for calm and beautiful beaches and Trincomalee seemed to offer the best of those. The trip will probably be 5 to 6 days. It is still under planning phase but the plan so far is to have 2-3 days on the beaches in Trincomalee and 2-3 days in some of the highlands like haputale or Horton plains, sigiriya etc. I really like beaches like nilaveli, do let me know if there are similar beaches to nilaveli. I like turquoise blue beaches with low tide and waves so I can swim around and play easily in the water. It would be great if you can advise of some other beaches.
    Hi dude,

    After another stupid banning I am back.

    Wanted to know if Trinacomalee will be fit to visit in the first week of September?
    btw the SL tourist authority has started a really cool thing. I got my online visa in just 15 mins (obviously it will be stamped at port of entry in SL). I thought its an awesome thing they have started and the fee is also just 10 USDs
    thanks a lot mate...much appreciate the advice. I will look at the eastern beaches then which are hopefully not too crowded. Sounds like a good deal so far. Will probably hit you up a few more times if I have to. Just found a Sri Lankan guy in the masjid whom I had totally forgotten about :).....he will be heading off to Colombo around the same time that I am planning so maybe he would be able to provide good guidance
    good to hear of the halal outlets. Would be grateful if you would help out. My trip is not confirmed but I am really looking into it because I have a bit of time in August and I am looking at good beaches. I have Malaysia and Sri Lanka in mind because of nice beached. Would be especially good if you can tell about places that are not too commercialized or not too full of people and are nice and beautiful. I looked up some of the pics on Sri Lanka and some of the beaches seems awesome. Regarding accommodation do you think I should be able to get decent accommodation for US dollars 50 a night (that is the max I am thinking right now)
    hey dude....am thinking of planning a trip to SL for a small vacation. Was wondering if you would be able to guide a bit about beautiful beaches and places to go and reasonably priced places to stay? I was also wondering if it is easy to get halal food in Sri Lanka?
    I have deleted your last post in the "Past players chuck" thread, because I had asked for no more stuff RE: Murali. Obviously there was no malice in the post (was quite a good one), but if we can just pull him out of the thread for a little while, then we can rid ourselves of the sniping posts about throwing in this thread.
    hi migara,

    can you please do a favor and send in your top 25 test cricketers of all time to cwtop50@hotmail.com

    The voting closes 5 pm GMT today.

    Would much appreciate it
    Hi Mate. Would you mind not using the term “rape” to describe a hammering/heavy defeat of the opposition? We realize that you aren’t intending to cause offense, but we feel the usage of that term in this context is inappropriate. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    Mate, do you know of some sites where I can see uploaded videos of test series in Sri Lanka? Esp. in the period where Vaas-Murali were decimating all comers left, right and centre.
    As we talked about in that thread, some of Vaas' spells is what I am primarily looking for. Let me know if you have some idea. Thanks!
    I know you didn't mean anything malicious by it but I did say further posts on that topic would be deleted, hence why I deleted that post.
    @four_or_six: Don't pretend mate. you had time to go through the posts that I and hang on has posted but had no time to go back ONE MORE page to see what Burgery and Sledger have posted. You deleted my posts before any one reported them, but you want Burgery and Sledger to be reported to take actions. Sorry, this IS double standards.
    Migara, I am looking into things and this is being discussed in the moderator thread. However, I'm at work at the moment and don't have time to look through everything in detail. Please do heed my request, and stop further derailing the thread. It's not doing any good at all.
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