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  • Thanks for the reply :) I was torn between Ajmal or a pacer. Saqlain's taken now, so let's hope Ajmal is available the next go around. I guess neither Trueman nor Davidson having LO careers is playing the definitive role. I guess at least having List A experience is a must in this draft.
    Hey my pick is up in the All Formats Draft, and I am completely confused. I have Viv, G.Pollock and Steyn in my team up until now. Should I go for another pacer or a spinner? Basically the options are between Saeed Ajmal, Saqlain Mushtaq and Graeme Swann vs Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar and Andy Roberts. Help if you can :)
    Nah chrome didn't load the page for me at all when the chase began for a few minutes.
    I've always been a big fan of Trevor Goddard's career; realistically he was more of a batsman who bowled than a bowler who batted though, especially in the context of an AT draft. I think that if you picked him you'd definitely have to be looking at having five bowlers. Best player you've listed IMO but not someone I'd want in a four man attack at that level as such. In terms of a pure bowler I think Trumble would complement that attack really well, especially if you could manage to pick up Goddard as well as part of a five man attack.
    I think you probably need a spinner. You have decent pace option. All of Barnes Fazal and Steyn open the bowling. You can go with Barnes as somebody like Fazal. Saeed Ajmal is a good option for it 30 odd tests and 150+ wickets in case you may have missed him because of Saqlain. Your team is shaping to be the best one probably. Well planned
    Hey mate, Sid Barnes (aus batsmen) my pick if gimh picks whilst your online and I'm not.
    hey dude,

    Go and make some comments in the Indian Politics thread. Is the current war hysteria coming from New Delhi due to elections coming up?
    Yeah all good don't worry. I think you'll find I defend India hard when the team, players and even the BCCI at times are being unfairly attacked.

    But anyway, India doing well so we should be happy.
    heh, talk about making a mountain of a molehill eh. You made one or two potentially provocative posts and suddenly your a villian, whereas you see much worse abuses on a constant basis on topics where no one says **** lol.
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