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  • I can't actually add a poll after the fact, but if you create a separate thread with a poll I can merge them into one thread for essentially the same result.
    hey mate,
    Having gone through the site I've noticed you are one of the more stats oriented people here. I checked out your value of wicket link you posted on that 1-7 wickets thread.

    I am interested in making this stat a bit more robust..I know the basic stat is not that useful..what are you ideas on how to weight these numbers better?
    Hey - are you from Hyderabad? Gonna be visiting there with my wife (her first time in India) and my sister and brother in law in early Hune for a few days. Need help on picking restaurants/places to drink/anything to see (not big on seeing temples or mosques or that type of thing). Restaurants and drinking being the primary motivators.
    Dude please think about picking Jack Russell instead of Boucher :) That would lead us back into the 80s in one amazing stroke.
    Hey mate. No problem at all.

    My comment was in no way meant as derogatory, quite the opposite in fact........I was attempting to shout down the clown that started the thread which was absolutely diabolical posting. Still not sure I understand your objection to using the term "A billion Indians" when it was only a reference to the population, but I do understand that sometimes an innocent comment can be perceived in a certain way.

    Anyway bud, water of a ducks back but thanks for taking the time to clear it up.

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