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  • Trumble is an excellent choice for an early era player. What era do you have left for the opener?
    David Gower averages 50 at No.3. Does he fit? Richardson might be an option as well.
    Love your team ankitj, but I think that you need to go after a bona fide number 3 rather than use Compton who should be at No.4 I reckon.
    haha.....yeah, I do feel like I have been dumped. Although its more like dumped by an artificial gf :p. But thanks for the advice, I'll probably stay away a bit for now.
    I don't know man. I'll see. I had wanted to do a GIMH and request a 6 month ban so that I keep away from this place without having any choice. I haven't requested them to do that since I know this place is fun but it doesn't feel the same to me anymore and I guess a bit of a break from this place would be good for me. Sure this place was a great place to hang out but I think it is time to move on. Certainly for now it feels that that feeling is gone, and who knows it might come back. But for now I just try to log in very very infrequently and just check out a few threads here and there. I just recalled that one of the first posts that I made on this forum was right after you in the welcome to cc thread and it was quite similar to yours :p
    Got banned for very very wrong reasons. I explained to the mods but James said that in order to appear like they care about the larger community they have to ban me. Honestly, it gets me very very frustrated that this forum really is catering to a very western culture and going against it will not be tolerated. The worst part is the hypocrisy of it all. Why don't they just say it openly rather than be sanctimonious.

    I don't think I will be posting too much here from now on. Which is just as well for the community here. They'll feel much better off having all conformists in here.
    There have been few better specialist No.3s in the history of the game. So unless he is up against the likes of Bradman or Richards you don't lose much at all by picking Sangakkara early in a draft. IMO.
    My issues with Hadlee stem mainly from comments, interviews and reading his book. Just seems to be an undertone there I just don't respect or appreciate. What I am trying to do though is not to have that detract from his performance as a player.

    Kindly note this sleep deprived and disjointed response was written at 4:00AM and was further edited to get under the post limit.

    I do acknowledge Hadlee's greatness. Top 10 players overall, possibly. For sure the only bowlers I for sure rate above him him are Marshall, McGrath and Steyn.

    As far as the bowling all rounder aspect, I see it as a team based requirement. Marshall (for instance) probably had as much batting ability, but with a stronger batting side, it wasn't often required for him to stick around to shorten/ save the game, hence he played his shots. Hadlee and Imran, because of weaker batting teams above them had to apply them selves more often at the crease.
    For a stronger team for me it's more important to have a great cordon to take chances provided, than to have a great tail. So I personally don't rate bowling all rounders/ bowlers who can bat a bit that highly. The Aussies (90's) and W.I (80's) survived and thrived without them, but wouldn't have been as successful without those great cordons to support the bowlers. So a Chappell/ Sobers for instance holds more value for me than a Hadlee.
    With imran and Pollock in the team your keeper doesn't have to bat at No.7. So why not not get a really great one like Oldfield, Tallon, Evans, or Grout? Especially as Imran, Bond, Pollock, Murali & Waugh give you enough bowling. Just a thought.
    I can't tell you that as it would take all the fun out of it. I am wondering though whether people will avoid picking one of the 'big 3' due to the fear of having him stolen.
    Chanders or Clarke or ABdV will be the next three taken I reckon. I will settle for Abbas probably. Not sure though.
    Dude I would love to have ABdV or Clarke. Not gonna happen though, I think. Then Abbas, then Hussey, then Inzi, then Laxman.
    hey, yeah sorry, it seems i got you mixed up with others, it's been a trial this year as a Moeen fan. Your comments just seemed very familiar. sorry
    I did consider using him or ABdV but then realized that ABdV was not falling in the criteria so went with Healy instead. Considered Lindsay as well.
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