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  • I live in Manchester most of the time now. Yeah, there aren't too many serious Irish cricket fans, actually I barely even know any serious English cricket fans... I hope you appreciate always having people to watch it with in India!
    Yep! Where would you have guessed I was from? Did you think I supported any of the test sides?
    By the way I really liked that quote of yours "If you would dream to be a cricketer, why would you dream to be anybody other than Imran Khan Niazi"......awesome......just quoted it in cricket on youtube thread.........
    Haha, that was just tongue-in-cheek, mate. I hope you did not take offence to that :)
    WAG - What a Guy
    WAC - What a See-You-En-Tee
    WTF - What the F
    AWTA - Agree With the Above
    DWTA - Don't AWTA
    FTW - For the Win
    FTL - For the Loss
    FMD - F me dead
    FML - F my life
    GAGF - Go and get F'ed
    GAGFC - Go and get F'ed See-You-En-Tee
    Lol.....I just noticed that other than me there is another guy who is appreciating your comment on cricinfo :)....in that stats analysis thread
    LOL.......and I personally find the pro-Imran brigade a little out of touch when they claim him to be greater than Sobers.........but I personally feel that Imran has a good case for being the 3rd greatest after Bradman and Sobers.......And I must say..........that you are one of the most balanced individuals (especially amongst the indian fans) to be posting on the net. Keep up the good work.
    Well if you copy it into Notepad and can make it line up there (you'll need to add in a few extra tabs on certain lines I imagine) you can put it in code tags. That is.. [code.]pasteyourstufffromnotepadhere[/code.] (without the fullstops after the word code which I only put in to stop the forum making what I posted into a table. :p)
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