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Saint Kopite

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  • Ironically I was going to pick Bruce Mitchell next, but I notice that you've picked him! Revenge.

    So I'm going to pick a spinner instead. Pretty sure that Mr-mr and Aldo will chose someone else instead leaving me unopposed. Nice.
    You're back, you furtive fellow!

    We had great tour threads of SA-Eng and Aus-NZ. Off-Topic has lost it on Trump and Bernie. Liverpool have been weirdos, as per usual. Everyone's rooting for Leicester here, just like the real world :)

    And, of course, GoT is finally coming down again!!! Need to see Tyrion and Zombie Jon Snow playing together before I die.

    How have you been?
    It has been a weird season man! Quite tame till the last episode. Daeny and Tyrion together is so bloody awesome though ��
    No, I'm just messing around. He was just a decent cricketer, but I'm struggling to take the draft seriously!
    Yeah, your team was a straight forward vote for me. I was confused between weldone and Monk for the 3rd spot.
    Did you see how they stoop to personal attacks when they don't have balls for argument in cricketing discussions? I generally ignore sledger (might add him to ignore list soon), but Daemon is pathetic. Harsh is joining them only because he's bitter about my attack on his bogus 49 test point in the Botham-Snow debate. If he's bitter about that, he should argue cricket with me, not my personal life.

    Anyways, I'll stop reacting.
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