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  • Are you likely to be online for the next few days? There are about 40 players still remaining, and with your budget you can end up with a seriously good team. Let me know.
    Hope you're still keenly contesting in the ODI Auction Draft?...didn't see a bid from you for some time and that got me a bit worried
    If you become either an actuary or a finance guy - you will be making many important calculations/spreadsheets that need to be 100% accurate. You do a peer review with someone but really they just sit there usually and only notice if you have done something glaringly wrong at least that is what happens with Finance. Your calculations simply have to be correct. Hence people with a P do better as they don't rush ever and seem to not make mistakes. You will just know whether you are a J or a P, Ps like to be spontaneous - Js like to plan things in advance.
    If you are a 95% guy then you must find an occupation that uses maths. I do like the idea of you making mathematical models for a living. I just think INTJs are better suited to making ones which require slightly less accuracy but do require great problem solving skills to come up with. You can find this work with a masters degree in economics.
    Just picking up on the fact you are an INTJ. INTJs are not suited to everything and I wanted to comment on that.

    Some of the subjects you are interested in are more suited to an ISTP. I am an INTJ and could never be a number cruncher, which lets face it,
    an actuary is, although a highly sophisticated one. Likewise Finance guys also crunch numbers for breakfast.

    I tend to make careless errors when crunching numbers because I am a "J". I value finishing the numerical exercise quickly rather than
    enjoying the process like a "P" would.

    INTJs are often engineers, or something which requires problem solving or creativity.

    Most INTJs are "ideas" people. Being in an occupation that allows you to have them and possibly see them become tangible is rewarding.

    Anyway - how good at maths are you? Are you an 80-85% type of a guy or a 95% guy?
    You'd be a national hero* if you did.

    Blocky could be a good poster. His problem is even when he makes a good point he does it in the most dickish way he possibly can so you want to disagree with him on principle.

    *only on CW
    I hope those two meet in person one day and someone is there to get pics. They live in the same part of the world.
    Great work ohno. Just want Watson to open in my test team, Barrington at 5 and Clarke at 6. Thanks :)
    Just looked at your teams again and I really like them. However, Hobbs looks out if place in the ODI team IMO. I think that you have 5 very good bowlers, so can afford to pick another attacking batsman. There's quite a few good ones still available.
    Hi OHNO. If you're still up and about, Kyear times-out in about 1.5 hours from now. Must admit that timing out is unusual for Kyear, and I can only guess that he got carried away in the Bradman-Sobers-Ponting thread. Hope that you had a nice ANZAC Day. Cheers - Sheldon/watson
    You can e-mail your pick on slamey66@bigpond.com if you like or just write on my message board hoping that no one will cheat. Cheers, Watson/Sheldon
    Go here: Video Scorecard

    Backspace the address bar to nothing, paste in New Zealand Cricket - Welcome and hit enter
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