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  • Mate if you're after a travel agent let me know. There's one I use in town who's done all my euro jaunts. Even if you go on and chat with them they can give you an idea on tour costings etc, sort out your insurance etc. no dramas if you're sorted.

    Sorry to bang on about it, thought of travel gets my dander up. There's nothing better IMO.
    Hey mate, just saw your infraction thread in Site Discussion. Sorry for not dropping you a VM about it earlier. I've closed the thread, FTR, as we have a policy of not discussing infractions on the public board. By all means send us an email at moderators@cricketweb.net if you have any queries about infractions.

    As for how the system works, if you accumulate 15 points it results in a 7 day ban. The 5 points you have received expire after a certain time (as you can see on your profile), but in the event of getting multiple infractions under the same category, the expiration date increases. It then gradually scales up to longer bans for higher amounts of points.
    By "taking it personally" I basically mean that you sometimes overreact totally to a post and fly off the handle a bit. To an extent it's understandable, but it's kinda unnecessary and on a couple of occasions you've come very close to overstepping the mark with regards to personal attacks. So yeah, just don't explode when you see a **** post basically.
    Yeah, I was worried about the oval, thinking it would look like an unfinished MCG, but actually they've done a magnificent job with it IMO. Yeah, it's more imposing and Colosseum like but I love how it opens up onto the grass bank with the figs and old scoreboard at the northern end
    Well that didn't quite work out, tbh it would've been a pain in the ass because I was sitting in the southern stand and didn't really know where I was going, but maybe another time.

    btw tell your WP lot to behave themselves! :P
    Might just take you up on your offer to meet up at that hotel at lunch, I've never met (knowingly) anyone on this forum
    Mate...chill! Cokes is always having a pop at us poms but he can take it too. It's all in good spirit, he's a good guy. As are most of the Aussies here tbf
    Haha, ah well, guess you only know it hurts when it's you that is on the wrong end of it I spose, at least you apologized. Would've thought that avatar was enough to stop you calling anyone a muppet though!
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