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  • Hey Adders, I know it's tough to pick now in BOTM, but you've voted for 4 from each group and it's only meant to be 3 :)
    Sorry about that quip the other day regarding your mate. Uncalled for and not in good taste.
    You are a complete and utter ****ing moron. Everything I say you just jump on. Typical of this entire place, but you are one of the worst. But yeah, go **** yourself and find some friends because I bet you don't have any. It's funny this week, I was reminded just how much of a gent Cook is but you sure aren't.
    Everyone has different opinions you know. I love Cook, but in my opinion he’s finished. He may well score back to back hundreds now, I don’t know! I hope he does. But I’d love to see two new faces. You clearly wouldn’t which is fine!

    But please, don’t call me an idiot because of an opinion lots share. Like for example some think Bairstow should bat at 4 which I think is utter madness when you consider how he plays outside off stump and while he will be batting early on because of our opener problems. I don’t call those people idiots though. But yeah, if this place had more respect for others it would be much more welcoming.
    Idk why he insists on ruining the tour thread. He doesn't even have a stake in the race, he's kiwi ffs.
    Am not going to even mention the disaster of today am totally gutted, just glad I didn’t do an avatar bet lol. I get your feelings though about posting and as I’m too depressed (ha ha) to watch the final two test matches, I may have a small break myself now over Christmas. Hopefully New Year and the subsequent alcohol intake may renew my interest and I’ll be back posting the usual blather! Have a great Christmas and New Year..enjoy the break and the good food . ��
    I’ll second Daemon, come back for the third test and do some posts. We need all the support we can get. ����. And I like reading your posts. Not that that is a good reason for posting ha ha .
    Nahhh i genuinely think people aren't posting seriously. red hill's a nice guy he was just having a laugh. take a breather and come back for the third test!
    I don't know if you're kidding as well or if you actually haven't picked up on the sarcasm in all my posts :P
    Hahahah ban just got over but I've been too busy to catch up on all the stuff I missed. Going to hopefully be recording a podcast tonight tho!
    Couldn't post the URL here for some reason, so it's posted in the tour thread on page 622. Hope it's not too rough, just in light of your nickname. Cheers.
    Hey mate.

    No worries, Ms Fabulous (my fiancée) goes to Melbourne every fortnight for work. I'll probably go down for an overnighter in the not too distant future. When I do I'll let you know and we'll have a beer,

    Look after yourself mate.
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