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  • Hey mate. Sorry won't be going days 3 or 4 now it seems, unless something changes with my dad's travel plans. Only going first two days in MCC.

    Sorry for not confirming earlier mate, been hard to lock anything down. Well done again on organising it, truly brilliant effort from you. Inspiring stuff. Hope it goes better in Melbourne than it did in Brisbane!
    Hey mate, just a note re the email I sent you yesterday regarding supplying howardj the address for where the banner should be sent to next. Cheers.
    Yep have seen it

    Phillip's banner is still good to go though

    Will post pics of it tomorrow

    I'm in the Members, but banners are as I understand it still allowed
    Thanks Adders, I don't know where I'm staying yet but I imagine it'll be in the suburbs somewhere and then I'll take the train home, so I'll probably have to get into Flinders st myself that morning, that sounds like a pretty convenient meeting place.

    I would be honoured to

    I'm sitting in the Members Section for the first time this year, so hopefully I can put it up somewhere

    At the very least I can send her on to Max or Vic at week's end

    Let me know (will be there all 5 days)

    Cheers, Josh
    I'm strongly considering going, but with how bloody expensive tickets are at the moment I can't commit completely.

    We'll see how it goes, and if nobody else volunteers I guess I'll step up and do it.
    Haha yes, good old sunny Geelong.

    I really don't mind staying the night in Melbourne, as long as I get a bit of notice I'll stay with some mates, some cousins or my older brother or something, it'll be fun.
    Hi Adders,

    I'm still up for the banner job certainly, I'll shoot you an email in a sec.

    I live in Geelong, I'll want to arrive a bit earlier than my folks at the match if I'm going to do this so I imagine I'll either take the other car or more probably just ride the train up. I'm happy to once again use public transport to drop the banner off to someone else (or you) in Melbourne afterwards or I can stay the night with some family up in Melbourne and hand it off the next day. That sounds pretty doable
    NP Adders I am onto it. You can contact me directly cwat9911 at bigpond.net.au

    Just remember to put the "at" symbol in :)


    Hi Adders, yeah that's best I think as well. Leave it for a few days. Top work btw in organising all of this. Really top effort mate. Should be proud of what you were trying to do.
    Hi Adders, apologies for the late reply mate. I suppose all of this is up in the air now. Such tragic news :(
    I would like to contribute for the banner, how can I do that?? I mean how can I transfer the money?
    I would like to contribute for the banner, how can I do that?? I mean how can I transfer the money?
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