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  • Yep, ****ing muppet he is.

    I whimed him on Flogpool asking what his caper is and he reckons he got banned from here for a week but is gonna come back spouting **** until they ban him permanently. He's got the mods on WP wrapped round his finger but they won't put up with his **** here.
    G'day Ceep.

    Yeah I messaged Adders on WP the other day and he told me he was over here with uvo so I thought I'd have a look around. I think Fartlighter was pissing him off on WP (which is understandable!).
    LOL, you made the same mistake I did when I first joined here until Uvo set me straight......

    You posted your reply to me on your own wall so I don't see it unless I look at your profile. If you want me to get a notification that you've replied to me you have to post on my wall, click on my profile and then post. Took me ages to get my head around it but it seems to work well.
    **** me that was quick!!

    As you can see from that thread LOLFF was here for a short while.....made an absolute dick of himself and I think some of the members blame Uvo for him.

    By the way, this isn't a private message, it's a wall that anyone can see.....no PM's here. Stick around, you'll like it.......RFC joined up too.
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