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  • if youre really naughty they give you an infraction (you get an email) once you hit a certain number of points you get banned for a week

    ive been banned a couple of times but just for putting pictures one of the prudish mods wasn't into
    its pretty easy, you get a notification when someone posts on your wall. click their name on that post and it takes you to their wall

    be good if rfc comes here
    hahah you love writing messages to yourself dont cha

    rfc came here a while back but couldnt handle the style posting on his phone
    I'm gonna have to have a word with RFC, I did mention this place to him.......not that he's any fan of LOLFF but he may of mentioned it to him.
    you can see over the left who has looked at your profile, and the sorry little ****er has been on both of ours checking things out
    Lol you wrote on your own wall again. Yeah everyone can read it. Pretty good bunch here the dip****s get called out pretty quick. No herbyesque or superflogs here
    **** me I'm totally lost!! So what did I do wrong last time and what's my wall??

    So no PM's....that's cool, whatever I write in here can get seen by everyone??

    Nah I'm happy here, level of conversation is much better than WP, starting to feel my way around and had a few fun tussles. Looking forward to the Ashes here.......should be a lot of fun.
    theres no such thing as private what do you want to write me another love note you pommy bastard

    wait and see its better than flogpool
    you wrote on your own wall dumbarse thats why i didnt see it till now

    was just going to write that this joint is pretty quiet due to no cricket. should be good during the ashes though

    How do terms like Flog and Dumbass go down here?? Just got another 2 week ban from WP and politely told the mod in question to bang it up her arse!!

    Looks like this might have to be my hangout from now on :D
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