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  • Glad you enjoyed it. What did you do?

    Great day today mate. My boss is an Aussie...so I feel your joy
    Hey mate, thanks for the message. I've heard back from Thomas Mann who heads the club up. Can you send directly to him instead? I'll email you his address.
    Hey Adders, I'm all for what the community as a whole thinks and would go along with whatever is decided collectively. If we think it's best to wrap this up now and donate the remaining coin that's good with me.
    Hey, I wanted to clarify that quoting you on the post about billion Indians was a bad coincidence. I wanted to make a general point about using that expression with (in my eyes) derogatory intention. Your specific post was completely fine though. I would have apologised to you in the thread but it got closed.
    Hey Adders, how are you mate? Hope all is going well.
    I was wondering where we were at with the Phil Hughes banners, etc and where we wanted to take things from this point forward?
    I'm not sure tbh, but it just seems to me that the match was so epic to have not heard about the final result at all (especially if he lives in NZ) seems a bit hard to believe

    Regardless, it'll be fun to read the thread.
    lol I think Heef is just messing with us in his thread, probably watched the match and just decided to pretend he didn't
    Hey Adders, haha, still half asleep obviously mate :)

    Sure that's fine. I quite like your idea of getting it over to the UK if there's people there willing to show it at grounds. Perhaps we just wait and see what happens with that thread over the next 2-3 days and take it from there? I agree and think as owners of this project, you, me and Wiff can certainly decide what happens next if we don't get decent responses from the community.
    Hey James, have posted in the thread. Maybe let me know your thoughts as well by DM as I'm not sure we'll get much response in the thread now as it seems to have gone very quiet. If it turns out we don't or can't make a collective decision then perhaps yourself, Wiff and I can decide what happens next?
    Just a heads up mate re the Phillip Hughes CW support banner at Melbourne and Sydney Test match thread. Dan is asking where to send the flags.
    Hi again, sure, thanks for that. That's a good point about sending it over to England and possibly onwards from there? Perhaps we re-open discussion in the thread about what the CW community thoughts are on how to best use the rest of the money?
    Hi mate, did you want money for the postage by the way or does Dan? Should we be looking at a charity now or shall we hang onto the extra proceeds for the moment until we figure out what to do with the banner ?
    Hey mate, I'll be at days 2 & 3 of the Sydney Test so can take the banner along. Drop me an email at dsmcgrath @tpg.com.au so we can sort out postage and whatnot.

    Hey Adam, just thought I'd let you know that I'm at work from 9-5 tomorrow so if you're trying to contact me during the day I most likely won't respond to emails or anything until the evening.

    Take care
    Thanks mate, would you like me to email Jack or do we have to get cracking with the postage tomorrow?
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