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Recent content by Adders

  1. Adders

    Reality of 99.4 Average?

    Is it possible that in any sport, a player could be statistically nearly 50% better than the next best?
  2. Adders

    End of the road for Bell?

    How old is Joe Denley FFS........that's the most amazing thing about this thread. He was touted in here 11 years ago and made his dayboo last year.
  3. Adders

    ****Official Australia in England 2020 (Non-Ashes)*****

    How could anyone care enough about this series to get worried? Its just meaningless calender filler.
  4. Adders

    ****Official Australia in England 2020 (Non-Ashes)*****

    If you've got that capability could you make 3 or 4 for our test team please.
  5. Adders

    End of the road for Bell?

    Hindsight talking of course.........but this thread was a ****ing train wreck start to nearly finish lol
  6. Adders

    Jimmy Anderson

    Get back in the bin ****
  7. Adders

    How Do I Get to See How Many Posts I Have Posted in a Thread?

    I'll chuck in a decent donation. If it gets me access to the PL.
  8. Adders

    Jimmy Anderson

    I think the most beta thing one could possibly do is post on a cricket forum claiming to be alpha.
  9. Adders

    Five year peaks - point to point (excel help)

    Can you keep in mind mate that when you embarrass yourself, you also embarrass me. Just saying. But ftr, you may as well be speaking another language to me.........when I think of excel, I think of Jimmy Anderson.
  10. Adders

    Jimmy Anderson v Matthew Hoggard; in perfect swing bowling conditions

    Lol, have a day off mate seriously.
  11. Adders

    Jimmy Anderson

    Love me, love my Jimmy A.
  12. Adders

    Jimmy Anderson

    FFS even got @Burgey trolling me on facebook about Jimmy Anderson and clouds now!!
  13. Adders

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    Nah not me Mags......lover not a fighter me. Just don't get the idea of a one punch law..........it's like one punch is considered more heinous than 10 punches.
  14. Adders

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    Always wondered about that law. So if you really get stuck in with a volley of punches, are you exempt from this particular charge?
  15. Adders

    Who is England's greatest cricketer?

    Have a day off mate ffs