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  • Yeah there certainly is........not quite as bad as Herbydad or FFLOG though!......so he's been back eh?? He got a warning off the mods after about 5 posts and told to pull his head in and then disappeared. What a knob.
    There sure are, I learnt pretty quickly to pick my debates here......got out of my depth a couple of times LOL.
    G'day Harry, glad to see you made it over here!! This place is great, like I said to you some real knowledgeable cricket brains around here.....and the odd muppet too of course.

    On WP I considered myself one of the more cluey cricket tragics, on here......not even close. Some of these guys seem to have forgotten more about the game than I'll ever know!!

    Stick around, we'll have a lot of fun on here during the Ashes.
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