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Live Blogging From Kensington Oval — West Indies vs South Africa Day 2

Good Morning folks!! The second day play is 30 minutes away. West Indies need to get some early break throughs failing which they could be in for a leather hunt. Hope we have an interesting Test and not a one-sided one..

Meanwhile, My taxi driver Peter had an interesting story when he drove me back home, When he drove the man in my avatar 25 years apart. First time was in 1983 and then during the T20 world cup.He thinks Sunny is best Indian batsman ahead of even Sachin Tendulkar.. Interesting…

All WestIndians except Shiv are fielding, Shiv is having a hit… he reckons he will get a bat today maybe..

This is what Gibson had to say from Yesterday..

Breakthrough: Brandon Bess gets his first Test wicket.. Harris Caught by Gayle in the slips.. The ball was flying… good catch that from CG.Now we have Kallis and Smith.. Two stalwarts for SA cricket.

Interesting scenes in the pressbox here. All of them who were rooting for Germany suddenly have switched allegiance after that blatant goal is not given for England. That would have been 2-2. The English press will have a field day..If England go on to lose this game…Meanwhile West Indies look sharp on the field and SA are stiffled 69/3..

Two referrals and both in favor of South Africa. First one was dodgy and the second one was fairly reasonable. Windies have lost one of their referrals.. SA have both Intact.

That’s lunch. SA are 145/4, 86 runs adrift of the Windies. They should feel confident to over haul that total and build a significant lead… West Indies would want to chip away.. They have not yet let SA run away from the game.. But Kallis and AB are capable of doing that.. In football, England have been humiliated 4-1 and the press box is celebrating the English loss.. I restated that England is to football what India is to cricket.. All Hype and no substance…

After lunch.. Just like Yesterday.. a wicket falls. Kallis. Big one that… Suliemann Benn Strikes… Roach has hit devillers in the Helmet.. It’s all happening in the Kensington Oval.. The last recognized SA pair in the Wicket.. Mark Boucher might make me eat my words…

It’s not only the England footballers, but the cricketers too.. They are making a hash of their chase… Meanwhile Prince looks steady and solid…

Drama at Kensington. Huge appeal for Caught behind. Everyone thought DeVilliers nicked it and the umpire is unmoved. Surprisingly Chris Gayle did not go for the review. Replays showing there was a noise… West Indies could rue this…

5 minutes to tea and SA are slowly grinding West Indies in to the dust. Unless something dramatic happens West Indies could be chasing a huge lead here.. People in the press box are pumped up for the Argentina-Mexico Game. Going up to see the radio and the TV commentary boxes. Should be back after tea.. tata..

Right after tea. Brandon Bess new ball.. Gets rapped on the pads.. Looked plumb from the press box.. Gayle does not refer and guess what.. Three reds on the TV. AB goes on. If he gets a Hundred here. He should thank CG and Steve Davis… SA almost equalling Windies score now..

SA have taken the lead. Lead by 14 runs.. In Jo’Burg Argentina are all over Mexico 3-0.. A.B. DeVilliers is 54/2. I meant to say two times out… 18 overs before close of play. Can the West Indies break this partnership? that is increasingly threatening to take the game away from them..

Mexico have pulled one off.. Argentina vs Germany looks increasingly possible and we ended up with Penalties last time it happened. Meanwhile South Africa lead by 35 runs unless West Indies can take atleast one of these tonite.. They will be ground to dust by tomorrow afternoon… Meanwhile I had an oppurtunity to Interview Fazeer Mohammed, Whom I listened to in radio when I was in the US. check some pictures of the commentry and broadcast rooms for today..


Atlast a break through.. Benn takes out AB. Caught By ramdhin.. Can the WI pluck out one more wicket for the day? to make it a reasonable day for them?

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