Cricket Web’s World Twenty20 Predictions- Revisited


On the eve of the recently-completed World Twenty20 tournament, four members of the Cricket Web staff- James Nixon, Martyn Corrin, Ganesh Venkatasubramanian and Will Quinn- gave their predictions on how it would go. The time has now come to look back and see how they fared.




I’ve been fortunate enough to watch, coach and play more than a few cricket matches over the last couple of weeks. I’ve spent the day with my feet up, listening to Bob Willis and David Lloyd bemoaning West Indian fielding, flung myself across a sloping outfield in the name of cutting off another batch of legside wides, and prowled a boundary rope muttering curses towards LBW decisions and non-existent backing up.


Cricket Web’s World Twenty20 Predictions


On the eve of the opening match, four of the Cricket Web staff give their opinions on how the tournament will go. James Nixon- owner of Cricket Web and a devout Kiwi, Martyn Corrin- the site’s resident blinkered England fan, Ganesh Venkatasubramanian- a US-based India obsessive and Will Quinn, a neutral(ish) Irishman all have a go at predicting the future.