Hanif Mohammad


The Mohammad brothers’ contribution to Pakistan’s cricket is undeniable. In the first one hundred and one tests that the country played, at least one brother was selected. Four of the Mohammads played a total of one hundred and seventy tests, with a fifth brother being named 12th man as well.


O Jogo do Cricket em Portugal


Cricket has been in Portugal for longer than any other European nation. A major Portuguese football club even has a cricket bat on its crest. So why aren’t Portugal a major cricketing nation?


Australia remember how to win


After emerging from one of the most difficult summers 20 years, Australia finally appears to have found the right combination of new talent and positivity to start consistently winning again.


The Fury of the Northmen


The Danes are coming! Amjad Khan is just the latest chapter in the story of Danish cricket, and the sport has a long history in the small Scandinavian country better known for footballers, fairytales and bacon.


George Headley


It is always a great starting point for an argument to propose your view on who is the greatest batsman ever. Whilst Bradman would appear to have a clear right to this title, other people will put forward convincing counterclaims for players like Sachin Tendulkar, Jack Hobbs, Wally Hammond or Graeme Pollock.


Middle of the Road


Another series, another defeat. Four years ago England were on a winning streak where series after series was won. Those days and the players that formed the core of that successful side are long becoming distant memories as England have steadily returned to a losing habit that so many of the current side grew up grimacing over as supporters. It has been a highly unsuccessful series in the Caribbean and the short-term future does not look too promising for the England cricket team.


Dudley Nourse


Being the son of famous cricketer who captained their country has proved to be a major handicap to the careers of many players. Richard Hutton and Chris Cowdrey are but two examples of test cricketers who suffered greatly in comparison to their illustrious fathers. It does not always prove to be the case. Arthur William Nourse, who officially changed his name to Dave, was called the grand old man of South African cricket. A dour left handed batsman, Dave played forty five consecutive tests for South Africa from 1902 until 1925. He captained his country on a number of occasions and set numerous batting records, including being the first left hander to hit a hundred for South Africa, whilst at the other end of his career he become the oldest centurion for his country at the age of 42 years and 294 days. In spite of all of this though, perhaps Dave is best remembered through his son, Arthur Dudley Nourse, known by all and sundry as Dudley.


Decisions, Decisions


The Fourth Test between the West Indies and England at the Kensington Oval will be remembered for a run feast and an umpiring farce. Why was the cricket so heavily overshadowed?