The Unsung Hero of Indian Cricket : Robin Singh


India is a country obsessively in love with two things, Bollywood movies and Cricket. A typical Bollywood movie features a hero, a heroine, a villain and a huge supporting cast.The movies can be uninspiring to say the least but there are times when even lackluster movies are taken to lofty heights by some brilliant work from the supporting cast.Indian cricket over the period of time has seen many such characters who were part of a brilliant Support cast, none better than Robin Singh, who belongs to this category of outstanding support actors and remained an unsung hero throughout his career.


50 Caps for Colly!


So often it is the usual headline makers that are once again grabbing the attention when Ashes’ series get underway. Shane Warne, Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen, Glenn McGrath, a few that have dominated the back (and front) pages in recent years, prior to that a glamorous list that includes names such as Botham, Lillee, Larwood, Laker, Bradman, Border, Hobbs, WG Grace, etc.


Home Ground


My cricket club is inadequate in almost every way, but I’m going to miss it when I leave for New Zealand in the winter.




As English cricket prepares to say goodbye to one of its most iconic figures in a generation, we take a look at Andrew Flintoff’s Test career and what he has meant to cricket fans in England and beyond.


Sashti Poorthi (Sixty Complete) : Sunil Gavaskar


Sunil Gavaskar turned sixty today. I too will turn sixty in seven months time and that, perhaps, makes it easier to accept Sunil Gavaskar as an old man (if sixty is old) and not the same youngster who so very suddenly burst upon the collective psyche of Indian cricket fans thirty-nine winterrs ago.


Why My Country Will Win The Ashes


In the long stretch of time between the Ashes in Australia and England, cricket-loving poms and Aussies can forge friendships based off a common passion for the greatest game of them all. However, when it comes to the crunch, this is the grandest rivalry in professional sport, and the time for pleasantries has passed. Raving patriots Martyn Corrin (England) and Cameron Burge (Australia) put their heads together to discuss why their teams would win the Ashes. Here are the results.


The low-glider who occasionally soared


When looking back on Michael Vaughan’s career, there are some of the most remarkable high points one could wish to savour. And perhaps a good job there are as well, because it puts to the back of the mind the fact that Vaughan spent a great deal of his career disappointing his many admirers and failing to reach understandably lofty expectations.