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Five Famous Cricket Players


It’s nearly impossible to live or grow up in England, India, New Zealand, West Indies, Australia, or South Africa, without being familiar with cricket. It doesn’t matter if you are an ardent fan of the game or indifferent; cricket is to these regions as football is to some others. The bat-and-ball game has been played since the 17th century in England, and today, it’s the second most popular sport in the world.


The most famous cricket teams in the world


Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and without a doubt it is the most followed and loved sport in Asia and in many countries of the Commonwealth. According to Bettingsider24, cricket is followed by more than 2.5 billion people all over the world and in some countries such as India cricket is a real religion.


An Early Look Into the 2021 ICC T20 Cricket World Cup


It’s surprising the shock and awe of people in general when they learn about the popularity that cricket has around the world. While for many sporting fans their taste in events usually travel towards soccer, football or basketball, cricket could easily give all of these other sports a run for their money in popularity. Just by being India’s most popular sport, cricket can easily boast having one of the biggest fan bases around, bigger than most other mainstream sporting activities.


What Makes Cricket So Special?


Cricket is one of the oldest sports dating back to the 13th century. There are now over a billion fans of cricket in the world. These are residents of Australia, England, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand. Thanks to such a strong community and a huge number of loyal fans, it is no wonder that cricket is ranked the second most popular sport in the world, just after football.


Best Cricket Betting Options


Cricket isn’t just the best game to come out of 16th century England, but it’s also one of the best sports to bet on – whether it’s Twenty20, the Ashes, day cricket, or a 5-day test match. True fans know that the 22-yard bat and ball wonder-game is a delight, but newcomers might be a little lost. Below we’ll look at the best bets, strategies, and how to take advantage of the online casino UK bookmakers.


England’s Spinners: Are They Good Enough to Secure Ashes Success in 2021-22?


When England last won the Ashes series in 2015, they did so with Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali in the squad. Although the former didn’t play, his inclusion showcased England’s desire to call on spin if required. Ali, on the other hand, enjoyed a fruitful campaign, taking 12 wickets. This proved to be the joint-second highest total in the England team, level with Steven Finn, and nine wickets behind Stuart Broad. Although the 33-year-old would play again in both 2017-18 and 2019, he couldn’t replicate his success.


Top 10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums in India


The popularity of cricket has spread over the globe attracting more followers, participants, and just fans. As cricket was born in India, this is a merit of Indians to make it so popular and exciting. It’s not a simple game for them, it’s a religion they do appreciate and invest in so much.