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The new Cricket Web is launched!

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Hi Everyone and Welcome Back!

As you can see things have changed a little while you were away!

The Cricket Web Team are proud to announce a new look and feel to CW!

As you may have seen as you entered the site, some major changes have taken place as we attempt to improve and modernise Cricket Web to ensure it remains one of the best cricket sites.

Cricket Web are delighted to announce the following new features and changes that have been put in place for the new and improved site:

  • Modern Responsive Design: We have built a new modern clean look across every page and section of the site. The design is fully responsive in that it will adjust itself to your actual device, whether desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Articles: Every article now has the ability to leave a comment and see other recent articles by that particular author. If you particularly like an author, you can also click on their name and see all articles written by that particular person.
  • Cricket Books: The Cricket books section has undergone a big re-organisation with a detailed search system put in place that allows you to easily find a book you may be interested in.
  • Predictions: We have launched a new interactive feature to the site in our newly built Cricket Predictions software. This works in a similiar way to Fantasy Cricket but rather than you earning points on player performances, you earn points on predicting various aspects within a match. Every feature from Fantasy Cricket has been migrated across allowing you to create private competitions, send messages between users, etc. The World Cup competition will kick off the Predictions software with it being created within the next 24 hours.
  • Fantasy Cricket: Now follows the overall look and feel of the site and has a few extra features such as a section for Most Picked Players, the ability to easily view Competition Statistics, and a News Archive allowing you to view the history of updates across the game. We have a long list of features we will be adding over the next three to six months so stay tuned for more news in this area especially!

We have just touched the surface here with all the changes the team have been dedicatedly working on for the past few months and we’ll leave you to discover the rest for yourselves. We’d like to remind you that should you have any problems or ideas about the site please contact us and we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Any problems can be reported in the Site Discussion Forum or by emailing us at

Thanks for your continuing support and we hope you enjoy the new look and feel to Cricket Web. Also, just a reminder to always keep a look out for many new features that will pop up over the next six months as we strive to improve the site further.

The Cricket Web Team


Regarding the game CW Cricket, this game appears to have been updated and is now much harder to play. Intentional? Can’t say I’m enjoying it as much anymore. Some balls are now impossible to hit 🙁

Comment by Ben | 8:53pm GMT 2 March 2015

Hi Ben, There hasn’t been an update to the game, but the squads have been updated with players skills adjusted. Have you noticed any particular team that is more difficult to play with?

Comment by James Nixon | 10:26am GMT 3 March 2015

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