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Cricket Web – Book Project

We are pleased to announce an exciting project that is being undertaken by a Cricket Web Project Team in conjunction with Quiller Publishing to release a book containing what we consider to be some of the best Cricket Web Forum threads over the years.

The following threads have been chosen to be included as a part of this book:

You know you are obsessed with cricket when…
What’s the worst way to be dismissed?
Your weirdest backyard rule?
Pick one former player to add to your current Test team
If Bradman played in today’s era?
Cricketers who changed the way the game was played
Players who you thought wouldn’t make it………….
The greatest all-rounder of all time
Who is the second greatest leg spinner ever?

Everyone who has posted in these threads and not had their post excluded as a part of the editing will receive an email with further details over the next 24-48 hours.

This is a very exciting project for the site and should provide great publicity for us moving forward. We’ll continue to update this blog with details as the book moves closer to a release.


At a bare minimum, it should include [url=]this[/url]

Comment by Spark | 12:00am GMT 15 November 2012

Got my copy. Surreal actually seeing this stuff in print.

First post in it is from Craigos 🙁

Comment by GIMH | 12:00am BST 26 April 2013

There’s a review on Amazon that says it’s the “ultimate toilet book”.

Comment by Lillian Thomson | 12:00am BST 27 April 2013

Said review comes from a user called MF, which is enough to raise an eyebrow on its own, so to speak

Comment by Howe_zat | 12:00am BST 27 April 2013

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