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The Elite Panel of ICC Umpires are shown below. They are a panel of cricket umpires appointed by the International Cricket Council to officiate in Test matches and One-day Internationals around the world.

Asoka de Silva Asoka de Silva
Born: 28 March 1956
Former Sri Lankan Test all-rounder Asoka de Silva first came to prominence in 2000/01 when he played a large part in calming a tempestuous series between Sri Lanka and England.
Aleem Dar Aleem Dar
Born: 6 June 1968
This quiet little umpire from Pakistan can often remain unnoticed for long periods of time. This simple fact of anonymity is the sign of a quality cricket umpire.
Asad Rauf Asad Rauf
Born: 12 May 1956
Calm and benevolently officious would be an apt description of Asad Rauf on the cricket field. Having played over 70 First Class cricket matches Rauf looks contently at home on the most prestigious cricket fields of the world.
Billy Bowden Billy Bowden
Born: 11 April 1963
The most flamboyant and theatrical umpire since Dickie Bird, Billy Bowden conveys to the spectator his obvious enjoyment of international cricket.
Billy Doctrove Billy Doctrove
Born: 3 July 1955
Having umpired his first Test match in May 2000, Billy Doctrove had to wait over six years before being elevated to the elite umpiring panel, a surprising wait for such an obviously competent umpire.
Darrell Hair Darrell Hair
Born: 30 September 1952
Controversy and Darrell Hair go hand in hand. Since beginning his international umpiring career in 1991, Darrell Hair has proved to be larger than the game itself. It's not his decision making that is in question, but rather his ability to "call it the way he sees it" that has got under the skin of many of the world's cricket nations.
Daryl Harper Daryl Harper
Born: 23 October 1951
Former primary school teacher Daryl Harper played grade cricket in Adelaide before taking up umpiring. He made his debut as a first class umpire in 1987. He was appointed to his first ODI in 1994, and his first Test match in 1998.
Mark Benson Mark Benson
Born: 6 July 1958
One of the rare elite panel umpires to have played Test cricket, Mark Benson is uniquely equipped to relate to the cricketers under his auspices.
Rudi Koertzen Rudi Koertzen
Born: 26 March 1949
Don't be fooled by the modern wraparound sunglasses, because South African umpire Rudi Koertzen takes his role as an international umpire very seriously. "It's vital for umpires to keep concentrating throughout the six to seven hours out in the sun and for this one needs to be fit".
Simon Taufel Simon Taufel
Born: 21 January 1971
Quiet efficiency is the trademark of the youngest elite level umpire. Recently he was named Umpire of the Year for the third successive time at the ICC Awards in Mumbai. Taufel, was chosen by the ten Test captains as well as the eight-man Elite Panel of ICC Referees.
Steve Bucknor Steve Bucknor
Born: 31 May 1946
The tall, quiet and considered umpire from Montego Bay Jamaica takes his time with decisions and is one of the most widely respected umpires in the cricket world. He gives a nod and apologetic smile before raising his finger and sending batsmen on their way. He took to cricket umpiring following repeatedly incorrect decisions while playing cricket in Jamaica.
Steve Davis Steve Davis
Born: 9 April 1952
Davis began interntaional umpiring in 1992 when he stood in the Benson & Hedges World Series Cup match between Pakistan and West Indies at the Adelaide Oval.