My memorable Indian summer rolls on… into an English one.

My memorable Indian summer rolls on... into an English one.

In a summer with many highlights, the last few weeks have been just as busy, with end of season reviews, prize givings, friends’ weddings and plane tickets to organize, before heading north for the winter.

Like many New Zealand First Class players, I had planned to return to England this winter to play cricket during our off-season. One of the perks of being a professional cricketer is that, if you want, you can enjoy an endless summer applying your trade across the globe, following the sun.

Northern Districts have had a successful 2008/09 season winning the State Shield, the domestic one-day competition, and adding some silverware to our trophy cabinet, at Seddon Park.

2009 is also a big year for Bath Cricket Club with it being their 150th jubilee. I’ve had two seasons playing for them already in England and am looking forward to returning for such an important year. There are many big events planned throughout the English ‘summer’ including grand balls, after dinner speakers and mid week tour matches. Part of my role at the club was to assist in the marketing and promotion of events as the season progressed. I must admit a little sadness at having to miss six weeks of my season with them, but that disappointment is quickly forgotten when the excitement of where I will be, dawns on me.

The ICC Twenty20 World Cup is not something I was expecting to be involved with but something I have dreamt of competing in since its inception. What a wonderful chance to express your skills on the world stage against the worlds best.

One young player already expressing his skills at first class level was starring at the Northern Districts Cricket Awards this week. Last year Kane Williamson received the ND Young cricketer of the year and this year went one better taking out the overall Player of the Year award. He is an exciting talent and the sort of kid who is always learning and expanding his game.

He is another who will benefit from winter tours abroad.

So as cooler winds start to build across NZ it is time to head north. By next weekend I will be ‘sunning’ myself in beautiful Bath getting ready for both the West of England Premier League and the Twenty20 World Cup.

Both the two teams I will represent this year will be striving to win their respective titles.

To each it will be a great challenge.

For one, I will enjoy 6 months of matches at small country grounds, in front of a few dozen people, across the west of England.

For the other, I will enjoy 6 weeks of games at some of the most prestigious grounds the game can offer, in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, between London and Nottingham.

For both, I will be at the perils of the English weather.

It will be my fourth summer in a row and who knows when this endless summer will end, or where it will lead.

One thing is for sure though, there will be rain, some suitcases, and a few ducks, but hopefully, for both teams, there will be silverware.

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Good luck Peter, hope you manage lots of runs and take lots of catches behind the stumps! Do you wear your trademark wicket-keeping helmet when you play for Bath?

Comment by George | 12:00am BST 21 April 2009

Good Luck Peter hope you have a super season and hoping to see you in Sri Lanka with the New Zealand team later this year. cheers

Comment by Hatem Rajabdeen | 12:00am BST 22 April 2009

Oh and pete.. thanks mate

Comment by Leroy | 12:00am BST 23 April 2009

Good luck Peter, next year visit the sunny country of Holland in your winter 😉 haha!

and hopefully the no. of ducks will be limited ! haha

Comment by Tarick | 12:00am BST 23 April 2009

Bath is a beautiful and historic city, I hope you get the chance to explore it sometime. Good luck with the coming season.

Comment by stumpski | 12:00am BST 23 April 2009

Hi All, Thanks very much for your well wishes, Looks like Skippy got some rather curly questions in his online chat, Hopefully, if you guys are interested, James may be able to setup something similar from me from the UK at the T20 World Cup.
I’m currently sitting in the Koru Club at the LA Airport enroute to the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days at Nike World HQ, in Portland, catching up with some friends I worked on the Nike cricket shoe with.
So next stop will be London and then Bath for my first knock on UK soil for the summer. I will be wearing the Aero Face at Bath George. Can’t wait to get into it again.
You’ll be able to follow my progress at and through the Blog here at Cricketweb.
Thanks again for keeping in touch,

Comment by Peter McGlashan | 12:00am BST 23 April 2009

Good luck Peter,

What a wonderful place to play cricket! I hope you have a great season and it’s been good to read your blog on here so far. I take it you’ll be cheering on the Aussies in their Ashes quest this year! haha

Comment by Son of Coco | 12:00am BST 23 April 2009

Would be very interested in joining a live chat from England, Peter – I missed the chat with Matthew as I’m in California and the time difference made it tough. I assume you were in LA just in transit?

Comment by Dave Wilson | 12:00am BST 24 April 2009

Good-Luck Peter! Sounds like you have a busy 6 months ahead. I never got to thanks you properly for my son Adams gift. it will remain treasured! Good luck for the season ahead, getting to know you briefly has re-sparked an interest in cricket for my boys and i that my father appreciates as i recently found out he played for Canterbury back in his hay day. We will all be watching the upcoming NZ games. Take care, Susanna

Comment by Susanna Jones | 12:00am BST 24 April 2009

Hi All,
Just starting to get myself settled in UK timezone, Passing through States was great fun again, will be telling you all about it in my next blog which should be up in next 24hrs, Have had two knocks for Bath already over the weekend with some success which is good.
Susanna, glad to have provided some inspiration for a renewed interest in this great game.
Keep an eye out for my next instalment coming soon.

Comment by Peter McGlashan | 12:00am BST 29 April 2009

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