My memorable Indian summer rolls on… into an English one.


The modern cricketer can enjoy year-round summers by splitting their time between the hemispheres. New Zealand Cricketer Peter McGlashan discusses how his unforgettable summer continues in the Northern Hemisphere, as he strives to win two different titles in two different competitions with two different sides, who are worlds apart, in so many ways.


There was an Indian, a Maori and a Scotsman… no, this is not a joke!!


The cricketing world is surprisingly small despite the millions of players across the globe. New Zealand Cricketer Peter McGlashan discusses two chance meetings with two great batsman, almost ten years ago, and how such meetings inspire future generations.

He talks about his encounters with legend Sachin Tendulkar and rising star Jesse Ryder, and how they can motivate players from all nations, no matter how small.