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Peter Mcglashan Video
Sky Sports Interview

Sky Sports NZ have very kindly supplied us with the interview they conducted with Peter McGlashan discussing his world record wicket-keeping dismissals. Along with this is a mention of his and Mathew’s Sinclair’s blog on Cricket Web.

Enjoy watching the video below and be sure to leave a comment. It is 6.8MB.


Awesome stuff.

Comment by pasag | 12:00am BST 19 February 2010

I’m impressed :)

Comment by fredfertang | 12:00am BST 20 February 2010

How this guy is behind Hopkins on the pecking order is beyond me.

Comment by thierry henry | 12:00am BST 20 February 2010

The guy interviewing McGlashan, Graham Stewart is a top bloke.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous that McGlashan is behind Hopkins in the pecking order. Just look at his List A record, it’s very good.

Comment by Howsie | 12:00am BST 20 February 2010

The weird thing is as well he’s played 4 ODIs for the Black Caps and averages over 50 with the bat.

When you compare that to Hopkins record, I do wonder what the selectors see in him.

Is Hopkins actually the better “keeper” though?

Comment by James | 12:00am BST 20 February 2010

Hopkins doesn’t even seem to be keeping at all anymore!

Comment by thierry henry | 12:00am BST 20 February 2010

Hopkins is a potentially devastating batsman as we have seen in the T20’s VS Australia

Comment by wood-e | 12:00am BST 1 March 2010

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