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***Official*** England in India 2016/17


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Ashwin really bowled beautifully today. I said yesterday he'll bowl worse and get a 5-er, when Jadeja and Giant were picking up the wickets. So he just went and took the remaining 6 anyway. :p


International Captain
Ashwin first to get 15 5-wicket hauls in consecutive years.. Beat Murali who did 14 two separate times.

Dude is on another level right now.


The Tiger King
well played india, congratulations on winning the series

If India win this 5-0 where will England fall in the rankings?


Cricketer Of The Year
sorry meant a whitewash (which in this case is 4-0). So where do England end up in the rankings?
Even 4-0 is not considered a whitewash ftr.

Anyway, belated congrats to India. Totally outplayed us in every department and I'd be very surprised (weather depending in the last test) if they don't win this 4-0.


Hall of Fame Member
Yeah it would take a truly great side to even push them close in a 5 match series, and we all know England are not a great side.


International Regular
Yup, we've been in every way the 2nd best team on show here. Hardly unexpected, but I had been optimistic that we'd do generally better and possibly win a test.

India have on the whole played very well, though. Pujara's been solid, Ashwin has unsurprisingly taken a lot of wickets and then there's Kohli. I mean, I'm starting to appreciate what Cook in the 10/11 ashes must have been like for the Aussies.


Hall of Fame Member
He wasn't ill for the 3rd test at all. And so what if he scored one innings of 70 in 4 innings? Nobody's saying KW isn't an excellent batsman, but we're talking about the very best going around atm & regardless of how you want to spin in (pun intended), Ashwin appeared to have him on toast in the other 3 innings following that one. He got him 4 from 4 for the series and I'd suggest another couple of tests would be much the same. He just had his measure, I'm not sure I can honestly say the same about Root.
Whilst Ashwin is obviously an excellent bowler, I also think it's fair to say that conditions in India suit him down to the ground.

IMO, it's literally the equivalent of Anderson being able to bowl under leaden skies at Trent Bridge at virtually every outing so no shame in recording a few failures against him

In terms of batsmen, I'll go out on a limb and say that KW and Root are the 2 best atm as they are the only 2 that look to have the game to succeed in all conditions


Hall of Fame Member
Hard to predict how that series will go. I'm not sure India have ever been such heavy favorites going into a series against Australia. Be interesting to see how both teams cope with that. Also, a lot depends on how Australia play against Pakistan, as it's a game of confidence.
No mate, we could win every test against Pakistan by an innings and it still wont make any difference


Virat Kohli (c)

Someone not stupid can say or do something stupid, just as someone not naive can say or do something that is naive.


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I don't know why Ashwin had to bring up the press conference comments on the field. Unnecessary when you are already beating them so convincingly.