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  • Aha, from the limted bits I've seen there's a huge advantage and difference between those who can still move and those that can't.

    Still, would have been a great trip and good fun pulling on the baggy Maroon no matter the context!
    Weekend just gone?

    If so - then I'm not surprised. The deck on the second Oval is a better cricket wicket than the main.

    Fortunate enough to have it as my home ground.
    Sounds par for the course for most of the 50s! Plus, I seem to recall you mentioning you cracked a ton? That would stand you in good stead!

    Did you play a game at Everton at all?
    Just saw you replied on your own wall!

    Congrats on State selection - there's a 99% chance that I was at one of your games over winter
    Appreciated mate.

    They were safe. They were cut off as both roads and bridges in/out of where they are went under. A bank at the top of the land behind their property bust so they had a lot of run off and had to sandbag and dig some trenches but the house stayed dry thankfully.

    Hope all is good with you.
    Similar story here, I'm Northern Suburbs and it's just very very wet.

    My Aunt lives near Beenleigh/Logan (no comment) and they're struggling.

    Good that you're okay though
    The weather hasn't made its way down to you quite yet has it?

    Any risk of flooding where you are?
    Yeah, I'm going to have it as soon as practical. Just without private health, I'd have to pay $13K and I've got a wedding to pay for this year so not all that inclined. Just working out whether I can get through a season without the surgery.
    What were we able to do with your shoulder for that half seas? I've got a tear in the rotator cuff and in the labrum, and no private health. Working out whether I'll be able to get through a season while I wait for a public spot/get private health and deal with the waiting period.
    Yes - we are both pretty heavily involved in junior coaching in Oxfordshire, and have even run teams together on occasion. Good bloke!

    Not to detract from the Hughes thing, but seeing you're in town, do you want to catch up for a beer this week?
    Sorry to hear that buddy. Hope she has a full and quick recovery

    I will be here till Friday so will give you a bell in the next day or so

    Mate, I'm screwed for this arvo. Just found out my grandmother has had a stroke. I have to leave town and see her. Assuming I can catch up in the next few days and you're about, it would be good to catch up. My number os 0417 480 479.


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