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***Official*** England in India 2016/17


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England are making their way over to India for a 5 match test series followed, after a 26 day gap, by 3 ODIs and 3 T20s.

Looking forward to Cook, Root, and Stokes against Ashwin and Jadeja. Should be highly entertaining series. Kohli and Broad to get into it at some point.
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Would like to hear Burgey's thoughts on the choice of venue for the 5th Test.


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5 tests?! Nice!

Watching India-England tests has been depressing recently, we always find some way to lose embarassingly to the ****s. Hope it's different this time.


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I predict Moeen to go much better than Lyon/Santner and the other overseas spinners to have toured recently. His quicker pace will suit these conditions nicely imo.


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This Bangladesh tour is going to help them massively imo. It's a great warm up.

I maintain that one of the reasons we lost the last time they toured was because they played 3 warm up games.


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Packed schedule, it's gonna be brutal. Don't know how many pace bowlers will make it through the series unscathed. England have another Test before that in Bangladesh as well.

Can't see the attendance being too high in Vizag and Mohali. Rajkot's supposed to be a flat wicket, isn't it?


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I'll say 3-1 India. Think England are more equipped for Indian conditions looking at the team and playing in Bangladesh will help too, but still India look tough to beat in their own conditions. And no Anderson, too.


Mr. Glass
Kohli looks determined this year and Pujara is also in form. Besides, Rahane does his downhill skiing every now and then and Ashwin is a beast. England are unlikely win a test but I wouldn't be surprised if they drew a few.


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Guessing we will get mullered in the first test and then turn it into a close series after that without overturning because the bowling only fires in one match. 3-1 India


Cricketer Of The Year
Yeah, I'll go with the 3-1 consensus as well. Jimmy coming back from injury and our spinners being no where near the class of 2012 Swann and Monty.........hard to see an England series win. But I reckon Stokes is going to be epic.


England might just win tbh. India's middle order only scores runs when the going is easy, Pujara excepted. Throw in a beamer to the hometown hero and the straight break extraordinaire and England are golden.


Virat Kohli (c)
Kind of hard to tell how India's new-age middle order plays at home when the going is tough since the going was easy all series vs. NZ.

I'd say India 2-0 if the pitches are what they were vs. NZ. No Jimmy for the first test, and lacking match practice when he finally returns, will be tough for them. Jimmy is a very very good bowler on Asian tracks nowdays.