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Fleming v Hooper v Vaughan v Hussey v Sangakkara

Best batsman

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Rip off from the bowling threads. Ranking the batsmen in descending order on who you think was the best. Tests only and vote in the poll.


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Sangakkara clearly ahead then guess it has to be Hussey, other three all somewhat similar I would say, could probably say for all of them that they either looked better than they actually were or never quite fulfilled their potential.


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Sanga obviously way ahead, and Hussey obviously way ahead of the rest here IMO. Fleming vs. Vaughan in itself is an interesting comparison indeed, especially if you bring captaincy into the equation too.


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Blatant hijack: Is Carl Hooper the worst ever bowler to take 100 test wickets?
Venkatapathy Raju was left stranded on 93 wickets, otherwise I'd nominate him, even though his numbers are superior to Hooper's.. :laugh:


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Don't hate Hooper at all tbh, just think he massively under-achieved with his natural ability. Wouldn't have him massively far behind Vaughan overall, but think Sanga and Hussey substantially better.


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I always thought of Carl Hooper as a selfish douche bag who had his own interests at heart. I mean he lost the captaincy to Brain Lara after the 2003 World Cup and just before the Test against Australia he pulled out because he decided that the 'youngsters should have a turn' and this was after Sarwan had been ruled out with an injury. WAC.


International Coach
haha..whats this inform or out of form Vaughn stuff if we use this criteria then an inform Hussy will probably piss over any batsman ever bar Bradman.


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haha..whats this inform or out of form Vaughn stuff if we use this criteria then an inform Hussy will probably piss over any batsman ever bar Bradman.
Fair point. Being in form can just mean going through a period of time when you get an unusually large proportion of your career's luck quota.


State Vice-Captain
Sangakkara number 1. His record will probably stand up with the greats when he finishes. Although he will still be a clear notch below them.

Hussey not a million miles behind but started tests too late.

Vaughan v Flem was worthy of a thead on its own. Vaughan was the better batsman in full flight but full flight wasn't long enough. Flem was fairly consistent and was rated as no less than a great captain of a mediocre team. I'll go with Flem for longevity.

Hooper, as people said, wasted his talent.