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  • Dude, you should try the Zeus special on the bow hidden/4th aspect in Hades once. You don't even need to invest anything into that aspect for it to work perfectly. Probably the most fun run I've had till date.
    Ah I'll check it out! My best build so far is:

    1. Adamant rail (any aspect)
    2. Daedalus upgrade that gives your special massive range and bonus damage, but it can hurt you
    3. Artemis' special with a bunch of upgrades to critical chance+damage
    4. Chaos upgrades to special damage

    Can get it to like 1/3 critical chance and the critical hits deal 2500+ damage.
    hey mate, and thanks for voting in the show thread! heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 bc ten seemed a bit tight - up to you but you can add five more if you want!
    Hadn’t been on cricsim for a while and just saw your recent messages. Sorry for not responding for ages haha.
    A couple of years later, he ended up getting a scholarship to do his masters in Harvard most of which he spent learning about the ethics of internet data collection or reasonable state restrictions on entertainment such as games etc.

    He’s back with a promotion at the WTO right now and severely bored, much like me. We’re trying to figure out a project to do together right now involving YouTube, humour and unexplored political propoganda/corruption.
    The guy is a an absolute jet btw. We were both top 20% but cbf stoners interested in history and politics, majoring in economics in a five year consolidated five year law course. I made him read the TGP and it really hit him like a truck, he took up this area of international trade law and become obsessed with it and in the 4th year of college, did a legal moot (international college competitive event) called ELSA for which he won best speaker India rounds, best speaker Asia Pacific, and best speaker in the prelims, quarters, semis (against Harvard) and finals in the world rounds in the WTO at Geneva in front of the actual WTO appellate panel. WTO/UN as a matter of policy only hires people with post graduate degrees in their legal officer roles but as a result of that and a few articles he wrote, he was made an exceptional offer and ended up being the youngest ever person with a UN permanent contract. Contd.
    Haha, it’s a long story and he has asked me to thank you in the past. It was pretty funny when I told him it’s a guy called Uppercut with nearly identical taste in intellectualising their entertainment as me and him. I forced the guy to play DS3 over a week at my place and he ended up buying a PS4 and becoming a Souls nut soon after. :laugh:

    He also went far deeper into the Ribbonfarm rabbit hole than either of us and has met VGR. According to him, VGR has a lot of thoughts about a lot of things but generally dislikes the inherent drama of expressing yourself in the internet age (will tell you more on skype or something if you’re interested haha). He’s also apparently a lot more direct and friendly irl, as expected. I’ll fill you in on what I hear about the course.
    Mate, my friend is attending this private lecture course by VGR on writing longform. People had to apply through sending in writing samples and its free.

    Apparently, it’s seriously good and he’s even better at how-to guides than broad philosophising.

    I told him about Ribbonfarm through you five years ago haha.
    Yeah I really find myself second guessing. Like, well this could be better explained but then I do it and it loses its character or is taken away from ‘the voice’

    I really should pick it up again though...
    I got up to finishing a second draft that I was relatively happy with, but still needs further work. Tbh I’m crap at editing and that’s when it really feels like a chore.

    Sounds awesome that mate but can understand the pain of the process. Hard enough to keep going when doing it just for myself at times; when it’s the day job and so consuming you must be sick of it.

    Seems like so long ago when you were telling me about you changing courses - I suppose that is because it was. Coming up to a decade maybe? Scary if so
    No, none, my job is all-consuming currently. Something I need to work out because even when I write a load of drivel, it's good for me, if you know what I mean. What about you, I know you had a few projects in the fire?
    Have probably asked you this before but have you ever read any Adrian McKinty?
    No worries! I think the vast majority of the stuff you've been seeing is probably from people who just haven't thought through the implications of what you raised. The smarter ones who basically think about this stuff for a living (Shapiro, Beck etc) have though, and I think they'd probably think I made a fair defence of them. Ironically I've seen what you said raised by alt-righters as well to try and show the '****servatives' they're addressing that white supremacy is a 'true' position.
    On the subject of Wolves, they hired Eds from here/Cricsim to their academy staff. Seems they're probably doing some different stuff to the average Championship club.
    Interested to know, in no more than 250 words, why your work is right-wing?
    Hey man, hope you've read King Ruinous and the City of Darkness on RIbbonfarm. CW won't let me link it on VM.

    I don't know if you'll have trouble understanding parts of it because it's India-centric but it's an incredible piece. Some of the best political writing I've read on India.
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