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  • It's more of a shame for Australia that the focus is on sledging. It takes the shine off the fact that you gave us one hell of a hammering.

    But yeah, I really do feel for Trott. For all the dreams I've held of being an Test batsman in my life, the psychological pressures must be intense. And this might sound like a bit of a leftfield observation, but Christmas in the Trott household will be under a cloud this year. Which is sad for his Wife and Daughter.

    Happy to do that :)

    predictably all the talk here is the post game sledging rather than the actual match itself.

    Terrible for Trott. Poor bloke. The Sydney tabloid here today had a disgraceful headline too. Just poor form
    And tbf I went OTT in what I posted the other night. Was out of line. If I'd access to CW before this morning I'd have apologised, but I managed to drop my phone down the ****ter at home last evening (some might say that's apt!)

    Anyway I was out of line, and I apologise for that. I hope we can set that dust up we had aside.
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