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Battle of Cricketers - CW's Favorite Cricketer


Global Moderator
Shall we set a closing off time for the final, given Pratters is unavailable for the next couple of days? Maybe 3 hours from now? Everyone should get a chance to vote given it's the final.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah, He's no Dasher Denning, but a win for Somerset, which is likely to be a recurring theme this year, I feel.

Thanks for running it:)


Not a favourite of mine, but the people have spoken.

Fair play to Samuel for the hard yards. Has excelled in picking up others hospital passes this year with this and the BotM.


Global Moderator
My favorite was Imran, but I'm more than happy with Viv winning it all. Have always loved The King.


International Coach
I though either Lara or Marshall would have bagged it for sure. Still, Viv is a deserving winner as well.

Good job running this, well done. Cheers.


Global Moderator
Yeah, thanks Samuel for running it. Good winner - reflects that even if he's not everyone's absolute favourite, there are very few who wouldn't have him fairly high on their personal lists.