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  • hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Completely recommend that approach.

    He did say only 2/3 days ago he missed you actually.

    It's noted you disappeared so you could miss TRFC getting promoted twice and then return as we are on the brink of the most unjust relegation in footballing history
    Yeah after 12 years of nothing but misery, since our last play-offs, which also ended in misery, I feel like I should try and enjoy the moment. I always watch the play-offs from the football league jealous that we are never part of it.

    But I can't enjoy it, I hate it and I think a last minute decision to abolish them should be made as then we get automatic promotion and my blood pressure is spared
    Yeah I nearly crashed my car yesterday thinking about the play-offs. I guess it's different when you don't necessarily expect promotion at the start of the season - and you guys were bottom after ten games weren't you? Which shows that people weren't mad to think we should still aim for the play-offs when we appointed Micky Adams, but hey ho, he came, he saw, he obliterated

    Anywaaaaaaay. Incredible in League 2 this season. 14th are within 3 points of the play-offs? I imagine based on the fixtures some of those teams can't actually make it mathematically, but you're gonna be able to rely on other results are you.

    What are the conference play offs like? All the way through our 91 games to date, even the good sides have had men behind the ball, kicked us off the park etc. Aldershot played some good footy at our place in the first half but sat deep second. With a point no longer being on offer I am hoping this will work to our benefit as sides will have to come at us. Know what I mean?
    Sadly only Its always sunny in Philadelphia seems to be on netflix, but will certainly give that a watch
    I'll be back in that thread

    (When we're top of the west Cheshire league)
    Don't worry about it. If I hadn't had a few rum and cokes I'd have let it slide and probably just messaged you tomorrow saying that it was a bit uncalled for

    Never really thought about that with regards to Straw btw but reckon you're right.

    Don't take a break - at least not until the euros are done
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