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  • I've gone to a CW meet up before. Msg me when you're in town and I'll let you know if I'm down.
    Yeah I've heard but 't seeing as I don't speak a local language other than English I'm a bit wary of getting out there. I'll try the bars and clubs pretty soon!
    Haha tbf I doubt many have predicted more wrong than me over the years
    No, I wouldn't enjoy the bottom 80% of books. But your TV watching universe consists of what is effectively the top 0.5% of TV shows ever produced. SO within that universe, when you grade something a 5/10, it is a skewed scale that IMO doesn't really reflect the quality of the product. For example, if my reading universe consisted of King Lear and Old man and the sea (my favorite two works of literature), and then I read Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, I'd give it about a 5/10 by comparison. But does that mean the Sound and the Fury is an average novel? **** no, I love that novel and still consider it one of the greatest English language novels of all time. Me saying that Sound and the Fury is 5/10 doesn't give a fair account of the quality of the novel - it's only that way because I've restricted by universe to include books that are of an absurdly high standard.
    I mean if you started off with "I am not a fan of books, TV or movies and I think this episode was 5/10", I think it would make more sense. Obviously this is all opinion so there is no right or wrong but I just can't fathom how anyone could watch that and say it was an average hour of television. I just can't.
    I didn't think that episode of the Sopranos was anything special - though of course I hold the series itself in extremely high regard. The Contest was pretty great but it was funny and pushing boundaries - but the writing wasn't spectacular. 5/10 implies that it was an average hour of television, but if you say you only watch about the top 1% of TV and within the top 1%, this was a 5/10, then it makes a little bit of sense, otherwise it's completely outside of my understanding. I do enjoy a lot of TV and books and the writing on this episode is better than 99% of TV. This wasn't as good as blackwater primarily because you are dealing with characters who haven't gotten as much screentime as the Kings Landing ones (and Dinklage and Lena Headey are amazing), but I thought the writing was equally good in both. Peter Vaughan stole his scene and Owen Teale was fantastic too.
    Haha I didn't notice don't worry. Wouldn't protest anyway as all my posts so far in that thread have just been bandwagon-jumps
    Where are you at in your degree btw mate? Hope its all going well. You'll change what you are thinking is your career avenue of choice post-uni about 10 times I reckon, lol.
    Just found what I wrote to you in your PM:

    "I'm in a big firm lol.

    I didn't warn you away from big firms. Just said that you can't expect to work for a big firm and earn enough to retire in 10 years."
    Hahaha you h0rny bastard.

    Sopranos is awesome. Keep me updated as to what you think of each season.
    Let me put it this way. I have no doubt in my mind I have lost more money on the IPL than won.
    HAHAHAHAHHA! I saw that last night and thought of you. Amazing that you found that gif hahahah
    Haha, itstl. Pretty cool tbh.

    I think on a regular basis I'd be better suited to a Maths degree rather than a Law degree. Pick up mathematical concepts pretty damn quickly and as I said general number calculations are something I'm naturally good at. Can't say the same about Law, actually requires you doing the work and the reading etc.
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